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FEBRUARY 13, 2010

611 Red River
Austin, TX 78701


With Dead Lotus Society and Lucid Dementia!


I will be releasing my new book, Sleep: Lyrics and Notes at MIDNIGHT, right after the One-Eyed Doll set on February 13th!!!!!!!!

Encore is making the evening ALL AGES - just for our fans! We'll be playing INSIDE, and the cover is only $5!

The first 50 people wearing a One-Eyed Doll shirt will get a free "Kimberly Freeman: Sleep" poster!

If you've pre-ordered your book, come to the show and pick it up!!! I'll also have a very limited number of copies available for purchase there! Be there and be ready to grab your book at midnight!!!!!!!! If you're not at the show, your book will be mailed to you the following day!

Thanks for blowing my mind constantly!! I'm really excited about how well this has already done! Your support is overwhelming! The pre-orders are the reason we have been able to actually publish this thing!

This will be our first show in Austin since Halloween! I can hardly wait to see you all there!! AHHHH!!!

Love and Gratitude,



I've kept this very quiet. Only a few close friends know what I've been planning... Well, here it goes!!!

I've written and published a real book, with an ISBN number and everything!


[I must be insane]

In this book are 35 [technically 70] color pages of my own handwriting - with lyrics, doodlings, never before seen photos, notes and stories about selected songs, my life and the album itself. This is some pretty intimate stuff - as raw and real as it gets. I've basically published the closest thing I have to a journal. We literally scanned in my notebook and submitted it for publication.

I can't believe people will actually have this!! AHH!!

I'm putting it up for pre-order to help pay for the first run.

The first fifty people to reserve a book will receive a special gift from my closet: a piece of lace from my Sleep dress. I wore a magical white wedding gown with a fabulous long train for the album shoot [and a third of it for the Valentine's Day concert], and I'm going to chop it into pieces and give to you fans!!! This is very symbolic, and it means alot to me that you'll have a physical piece of the transformation that occurred with the release of this album. You are all a beautiful piece of my healing, love and gratitude. I hope you can understand what it means to me.. I think this book will help. It might also just make you think I'm insane.

Order five or more, and you'll get a signed Sleep poster, too.

Order ten or more, and I'll write the song of your choice from Sleep on the back of your poster and sign it to you. Just mention in the comment box which song you'd like.

It will soon be available at major retailers, but you should get it from me, cause I'll sign it for you and not charge nearly as much.

I'll also number the first printing, so you'll have proof that you have one of the original small first-run copies. This is for the SUPER collector fans...

My expected release date is February 14, 2010, maybe sooner.. It really depends on how quickly I can raise the funds to get a small run manufactured and shipped to One-Eyed Doll HQ. Ha, the more copies you order, the more quickly it'll come!! Kind of funny how that works out, huh!? :):):)

Thanks to Jonny Flash for being my super helper! He scanned in and formatted every page of my crazy notebook, my photos and more. Not a small task. Jonny rules! Go to his shows!



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