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  • Avatar for S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Avatar for Sir_Otte
    love this music
  • Avatar for Jvstinbowen
  • Avatar for chuche7787
    fuck off XenoChist.
  • Avatar for XenoChist
    DEATH METAL One Man Army
  • Avatar for rrazin
  • Avatar for ABotelho23
    I miss these guys :'(
  • Avatar for DAFEKOP
    probably the 'death metal' tag should go for the band called One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
  • Avatar for jakbu
    There's also underground hip-hop guy/band called One Man Army.
  • Avatar for Ringo_92
    death metal....... -.-"
  • Avatar for chelcizabomb
    beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice, a beautiful man. what more could you ask for?....a reunion? YES!
  • Avatar for Ryan_Turner
    Noisy I agree, become one of my fave bands in the last 6 months.
  • Avatar for noisydissonance
    just rediscovered them .... Jack is one of the best and most under appreciated songwriters in punk rock.
  • Avatar for jonomerdeka
    good Good GOod GOOd GOOD
  • Avatar for kvzuky
    This band is criminally underrated.
  • Avatar for sierrachrist
    a-pretty pretty goooood
  • Avatar for jonomerdeka
    not enough
  • Avatar for Barn_Of_Blood
    for all the spotify listeners there is an error, when you type: one man army you will find the trashdeath band one man army and the undead quartet's album grim tales. + a few of the "punk" band one man armys songs on some mixed albums. så in general when i listen to a song with oneman army and the undead quartet, shows a link to "one man army", so that confused me in the beginging.
  • Avatar for bsure13
    i had never heard of them until i saw them at a show with about 30 other people. their energy just blew me away
  • Avatar for Mington
    This band is amazing!!
  • Avatar for murih
    the metal band's name is "one man army and the undead quartet" idiots.
  • Avatar for kylelikescoffee
    i like pooping
  • Avatar for RowanSandbox
    After being a huge fan of Western Addiction and Dead To Me, I'm really curious about these guys, which album should I buy first?
  • Avatar for nailclippers
    I have a man crush on Jack.
  • Avatar for Jaymz_o_O
    Last Word Spoken is an amazing punk rock record! OMA was a great punk band, one of the best.
  • Avatar for 80sfraud
    wow death metal fans are retarded they don't even know what the bands name they listen to is.
  • Avatar for trueblue128
    Haha oh labels.... Love OMA
  • Avatar for denim332
    One of them should be One Man Army and the Undead Quartet
  • Avatar for Ray_Thrasher
    just several bands with the same name
  • Avatar for InFlames88ad
    death metal + punk rock +melodic death metal??!?what a fucked up tagging?!?
  • Avatar for theory-of
    I discovered the hip-hop One Man Army by downloading a song I thought was by the punk band. Both are/were pretty rad.
  • Avatar for Blake53104
    just to clear up, the fuck you anyways reference is a Beltones song and addicted to you is a Bodies song.
  • Avatar for poopster0304
    you're so wise :D
  • Avatar for poopster0304
    Are the references Jack makes in Some Kind Of Lobotomy actually real bands?
  • Avatar for poopster0304
  • Avatar for chelcizabomb
    you didn't ditch me, i permitted you to go
  • Avatar for poopster0304
    That is referring to the band One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. An explanation is properly located right there in their description.
  • Avatar for BRODERJAKOB
    death metal and melodic death metal. What the fuck?
  • Avatar for poopster0304
    Yes, I ditched you that weekend to go, remember?
  • Avatar for chelcizabomb
    you saw Dead To Me?!!
  • Avatar for poopster0304
    Ya, its kinda hard to decide. That's considering there are two great song writers in Dead To Me, and that is, I'm assuming, both Jack and Chicken write the songs... I guess I place OMA higher because their music, to me, comes off seemingly nostalgic to more primitive punk bands of the '70s.
  • Avatar for poopster0304
    well ive also seen dead to me and they were very good. but the hands down favorite has to be OMA! i mean theyre lyrics stay in my head all day and jack dalrymple provides some great vocals. dead to me lacks the introspective lyrics that oma has. although i do like the split vocals between jack and chicken. also, check out chicken's other band Western Addiction!
  • Avatar for tw04flinchin
    just discoverd them now... they are pretty good, i mean, c'mon, they cant be bad to do a split with trio =]
  • Avatar for whiteflagup
    GVOLIT. Right click on the audiophile and click on Properties. You should be able to tag it correctly from there. Another Night!!
  • Avatar for Mare182
    like tylerb1085, i've never been able to see one man army live... i saw dead to me live yesterday and they were simply amazing... they're both great on the albums so it's hard to choose... i guess dead to me...
  • Avatar for poopster0304
    public poll question: who do you like better, One Man Army or Dead To Me?
  • Avatar for cfm9
    That metal band sucks hard. The punk, or real One Man Army was good.
  • Avatar for GVOLTT
    wth? I listened to One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, correctly tagged, and it got submitted as One Man Army. What the heck is going on here?
  • Avatar for SamuelSin
    Yes coreypants a punk band, the band you're talking about is One Man Army & The Undead Quartet... god, you don'te even know what music you listen to...
  • Avatar for coreypants
    punk band??????? ive got 21st century killing machine and doesnt resemble punk at all melodic death or thrash maybe


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