• [CANADA] Promotion-Voting 09

    16 Dec 2009, 10:58 by Pryde

    The Canadian Rock League

    It's now the end of Season 1, and we've seen six artists relegated, meaning they are dropped from the league system. This means we need six new artists to replace them!
    So, in this thread, please post your favourite six bands that meet the following criteria:

    1) Are a rock artist. This is defined as an artist that plays a style of music incorporated into the rock genre.

    This can be pop/rock, alternative rock, punk-rock, all forms of metal, acoustic rock (as an addition). This does not include standard pop such as girl bands, this does also not include stuff like electronica, although there may be exceptions, I will judge each case individually. If I am unsure as to whether an artist is a rock artist or not, I will use the Last.fm tags as my guide.

    2) Are Canadian. This is defined as originating from Canada.
    Originating is defined as:

    a) The artist or all or some members of the band of which the artist is comprised was born in Canada…