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  • aki_matters


    last week
  • Somoff

    пижже их уже никого не будет

    November 2013
  • civi

    Crowns Meant for Kings is sick as fuck!

    October 2012
  • BenxCo

    v Exactly. Weezy bro fist.

    October 2012
  • MattMegasaur

    so excited for the new album. hate mosh is back!

    July 2012
  • trevorbecker

    good stuff

    July 2012
  • bombtrack


    July 2012
  • DieGo776

    they are back!!!

    February 2012
  • slawomiro

    Wish I could see these guys live.

    January 2012
  • IAmTheEmptyCup

    "Don't look so disappointed in me"

    January 2012
  • vorstellung

    < - - - - - - - - - You make me want to hit my face against the keyboard. I just hope you all don't get raped in Cancun.

    December 2011
  • tokinmyheart

    people making fun eachothers music taste. could you expect anything less?

    October 2011
  • xJimmyTwostepx

    touring with original line up?! what is, I can't even...

    August 2011
  • Fkod

    Frozen Over ftw!

    July 2011
  • xGreenRangerx

    you stare like realization

    May 2011
  • idrovetoday

    this IS good you filthy animal.

    April 2011
  • Yasunni

    v: and now you listen to emmure... :') rofl

    March 2011
  • WizardryMaster

    Hah I thought this was so good in 8th grade. Funny

    March 2011
  • Petahhhh

    Need a new album from these guys

    January 2011

    [ Download Hardcore ] - http://tavgay-hardcore.blogspot.com/

    October 2010
  • Zythifer

    As You Speak <333333 want more songs like this

    September 2010
  • utiros

    wish this band would buck up and give us some details about the new album

    August 2010
  • BenOnUserstyles

    good stuff

    August 2010
  • drewbierre

    "They announced a final west coast show for May 5, 2007 in Ventura, California" i lived in ventura at that time. WHERE THE FUCK WAS I WHEN THIS WAS GOING ON!?!?!

    August 2010
  • drewbierre

    does anybody remember when they sounded like deftones? before they were more hardcore influenced? when john barely even screamed? thats old fucken shit. im talkin like the songs ive heard were like roughcuts, badass.

    August 2010
  • deadsongs

    really? people listen to it's all a long goodbye more than some of us...? ugh, fuckin a...

    August 2010
  • samuelmack324

    neither do i.

    August 2010
  • livin_crazy

    I really dont mind the clean singing

    July 2010
  • BenOnUserstyles

    need to drop the singing and stick to screaming [2]

    January 2010
  • xKornflakesx

    what happen to these dudes?

    December 2009
  • AshleyCan

    need to drop the singing and stick to screaming :]

    December 2009
  • AnarchyBastard

    Nice breakdowns. X0

    December 2009
  • jake_ee

    moshcore, this band was sick. when they werent touring jonathan(vocalist) was doing merch for Black My Heart... when they were a band haha

    November 2009
  • livin_crazy

    "I Do My Crosswords in Pen" kick ass...[2]

    November 2009
  • XlordgoldX

    obw is harder then anything you listen too.

    October 2009
  • xbris

    ily on broken wangs

    October 2009
  • IAzI

    more than life решает

    October 2009
  • Shyshka6

    "I Do My Crosswords in Pen" kick ass...

    September 2009
  • hardcore-killer

    no-no-no-no...... we need a new record!!!!

    September 2009
  • isuxatlife18

    this band broke up?

    August 2009
  • wooobaangin


    July 2009
  • Odii_Hampi

    WTF!? Why they're member of a christian group? Are they christians!?

    July 2009
  • xbris

    @AndyChrz, I hope they do put I Do My Crosswords in Pen out again and make the breakdown even moar mind-numbingly slow, and that they sample the rap @end of A Lazarus Envy :]

    July 2009
  • AndyChrz

    Yeah i heard they broke up like a year or two ago but now i've heard conflicting reports. One of my favorite bands, for sure. Let's just hope that if they make another album, they DON'T put the song I Do My Crosswords in Pen on it for the FOURTH time.

    July 2009
  • ForceFed_HC

    too bad they broke up :(

    June 2009
  • fallencowboy

    This band is not that bad

    May 2009
  • xanonymousx

    http://www.fan2band.com/dl/redbluerecords/venetiafair/196305_2766_95_3507 brings the moshxxx

    May 2009
  • junkyard_god

    uhh... their myspace says they are signed with sumerian?

    May 2009
  • Post-RoxX

    fucking great band!

    May 2009
  • deadsongs

    wish they'd reprint their old merch, i want me a heartless shirt

    April 2009