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Omul cu Șobolani (The Man With Rats), get their name from the similarly titled book by Freud. The band finds its roots in Constanța, Romania, in 1997. The band's structure is Dan Amariei (vocals), Nucu Arama (guitar/bass), Cezar Panait (bass/guitar) and Mihnea Dobrota (drums). Since then, they have come a long way: have conquered the Romanian alternative rock scene, have released 5 albums and are preparing for the 6th, have filmed over 20 videos, have had hundreds concerts and is the best rated band of the alternative rock genre in Romania. The song Cine e de vină has been air played on Radio Guerrilla, Bucharest and the video has been a favourite play on MTV Romania. There are not so many influences detected in their song writing, but people say that they have a little grunge, alternative rock, pop rock, all mixed up to give their own style: pure genuine Romanian alternative rock band that all in all has something rather unique in composition and sound. Find out more about them on www.omulcusobolani.ro.


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