• 2007 releases I’m attending

    15 Mar 2007, 13:44 by Alfaddur

    2007 releases I’m attending

    ~ 16 jan 07 : Black Lab - Passion leaves a trace : "Mine Again"
    ~ 19 jan 07 : Nine Days - EP Part I : "Suddenly (A Brown Eyed Girl)", "A girl in California"
    ~ jan 07 : Michael Johns (Lee) (ex-The Rising) - solo album
    ~ 5 fev 07 : Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City : "The Prayer ", "I Still Remember"
    ~ 5 fev 07 : Aereogramme - My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go : "Barriers "
    ~ 20 fev 07 : Anberlin - Cities : "Godspeed"
    ~ 23 fev 07 : Embassy – The War of Art
    ~ 26 fev 07 : Kaiser Chiefs- Yours Truly, Angry Mob : "Ruby"
    ~ 5 mar 07 : Idlewild - Make Another World: "If It Takes You ", "No Emotion"
    ~ 7 mar 07 : Mr. North - Fear & Desire
    ~ 13 mar 07 : William Tell (ex- SoCo)- You Can Hold Me Down
    ~ 19 mar 07 : Feeder - Picture Of Perfect Youth (B-sides) : "Feel it again"
  • The Life Soundtrack of 2006: As Told By Me

    20 Nov 2006, 04:41 by jthejesusfreak

    This is the soundtrack of my life, based on my Top 100 singles and Top 25 Non-Singles of 2006 (Yes, I realize that 2006 isn't over yet. However, with the year almost over (Charting for '06 actually began on December 14 of '05), I can pretty well predict which songs outside the Top 25/100 will and won't manage to climb into the year-end chart.

    And yeah, I'm picking the songs myself. No random crap. That's just stupid and ends up making no sense.

    Opening Credits:
    Kerosene by Miranda Lambert
    --Likely to end up as a Top 3 single, and just an overall great introduction. Up-tempo, strong song.

    Waking Up:
    Love Addict by Family Force 5
    --Also likely to end up a Top 3 single, and, much like Kerosene, a great up-tempo track. Definitely one that makes it tough to stay asleep when it's blaring in your ears.

    First Day At School:
    What's Wrong With This World by Shaun Groves
    --Top 10 song that accurately portrays my mantra/motto/creedo (See: Harley Davidson commercial)...don't blame the world for your problems.
  • An old friend turned me on to a new favourite.

    9 Jul 2006, 20:50 by rhaithe

    A friend of mine attends the University of Delaware, and was recently telling me about a band called Omnisoul, composed of recent UD alumni. (One of their songs, Waiting (Save Your Life), was recently featured on the Fantastic Four soundtrack.) She lent me her copy of their album Happy Outside for a listen.

    The group has a mellow pop-rock sound, one in which I haven't dabbled much recently, one that's almost reminiscent of Hanson in its way. It's a lovely blend of summer-appropriate tracks which I find myself really enjoying.

    Best tracks:
    Happy Outside: The title track, it has a slow, easy sound to it that's balanced out by the chorus, which evokes well that "gonna rise above the pain" feeling with both the words and the melody.Home to Home: I absolutely adore the chord progressions in this song. The trumpet feature at the end is rather unexpected, but it grows on you.My Own: Probably my favourite track, and not because of the melody or the lyrics. …
  • Reviews...FF5, Yellowcard, more...

    20 Jan 2006, 08:09 by S9DallasOz

    Family Force 5 - Business Up Front, Party in the Back

    The boys of Family Force 5 came up with the best word to describe their major label debut album "Business Up Front, Party in the Back" and that is the word "Phunque". This band from the south could have one of the most original sounds when it comes to today's rock music blending their southern roots with hard rock, grunge, rap beats, and a little rapping of their own for a mix that some may just find strange, but they pull it off well.
    The album opens up with one of the first awkwardly spelled songs in "Put UR Hands Up" and the first line "Ugly people put your hands down" the next track may best represent the sound of these guys..."Luv Addict" combines some rap with some hard-rocking vocals for 2:53 song that could have you dancing or rocking out. "Numb" , "Peachy", and "cadillac Phunque" follow well and are also dance worthy. …