• Shuffle survey thangs

    30 Apr 2006, 09:24 by WiseOldUnicorn

    More boredom. Whee.

    If I were an anime character...

    Would I be sexy?
    Song: In the Bodiless Heat
    Artist: Peccatum
    Comments: Is that a yes or a no? o_O

    What would my hair be like?
    Song: Where Will You Go
    Artist: Abagail B. (It's me!)
    Comments: Nobody knows where it will go? o_O

    Would I do super cool stuff? What kind of stuff?
    Song: Sensitive
    Artist: O-Town
    Comments: I'll be super-sensitive? Bah...

    Am I a pervert? or slut?
    Song: Canyon Moonrise
    Artist: Celtic Fiddle Festival
    Comments: o_O Is that a yes or a no?

    What would I wear most of the time?
    Song: Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year
    Artist: Fall Out Boy
    Comments: ...

    What kind of situations would I find myself in?
    Song: Stayin' Alive
    Artist: The Bee Gees
    Comments: I would stay alive and disco dance like John Travolta. :D

    What would the anime I'm in be called?
    Song: Keep Her In Mind
    Artist: Violaine
    Comments: Right...

    What would it be about?
    Song: Superstition
    Artist: Stevie Wonder
    Comments: It would be about black cats, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and the number 13.

    Would I get in trouble a lot?
    Song: Give You Back