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  1. Teen Suicide is an American band from Baltimore, Maryland formed in 2011
    They have disbanded in 2012 then came together again in January 2015…

  2. There are two bands called Nouns.

    Nouns is an anti-punk band from Conway, Arkansas.

    The current concrete group is made up of Andrew Campbell,…

  3. The sound of a pastel yellow iPhone 5c crashing through the window of your psyche. They go af.

  4. Wild Moth is a post-punk band from California's San Francisco Bay Area.

    ffo: sonic youth, mission of burma, drive like jehu, etc.

    ---- DISCO ----…

  5. Dogs On Acid is an punk/indie band formed in Philadelphia, PA in 2014 comprised of Peter Helmis, Joe Reinhart from Algernon Cadwallader, Nick Tazza…

  6. Will Toledo is an upstanding young man who has upheld the letter of the law to the fullest extent of his abilities. He passed through his school…

  7. Joanna Gruesome are a five piece band from Cardiff (Wales) and England, UK.

    Joanna Gruesome were formed in 2010 in Cardiff at the suggestion of…

  8. POPE
    Started October 2013
    Genre Noise Pop, Post-Grunge, Indie Rock
    Members Matthew Seferian
    Alex Skalany
    Atticus Lopez
    Hometown Houston, TX…

  9. They are a band.
    they have members of Glocca Morra and Kite Party.
    they do things.


  10. Sam Wells: Guitar and Vocals
    Oliver Hollingshead: Drum and Keyboards
    Colt Hoey: Lead Guitar
    Angus Watt - Bass



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