• The stage of Abstract hiphop

    11 Jan 2007, 21:32 by jzarecta

    I have always enjoy abstract hip hop, specially when it gets more serious. Master by the unique GZA. A whole genre started to show up on my playlist. From Aesop Rock, MURS, Slug.

    Later I got a cd which includes an album from Brother Ali and I got to listening to him.

    I usually like this genre however I seldomly reccognize it as an individual genre which might sometimes be dramatically different from the regular mainstream hip hop we see with Jay-Z, Diddy, and Hot Boyz.

    I think a close up to this genre on the mainstream channels is Outkast. But I guess you can agree with this statement or not.

    Abstract hip hop is pretty cool, I have always been facinated by the lyricz, one of my favorite hip hop sites back in the late 90's had videos of groups such as Blood Of Abraham, Oldominion, Anticon etc.

    My question is what is the current stage of this hip hop genre, has it gone anywhere. Call me old school but I would have love that horrorcore to still be around. …
  • Grayskul - Secret Wars

    29 Oct 2005, 18:01 by eppjones

    Secret Wars is a seven minute long posse cut which features 15 different rappers of varying quality from the Oldominion crew spitting pseudo-metaphysical verses over a hype beat that I love personally.

    I think this is one of the more overlooked songs this year in underground hiphop. I realise that alot of people aren't really feeling Oldominion in general and went into listening to the Grayskul album with a negative attitude. Deadlivers was a solid, above average album though with this ending track as the standout song.