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Releases: Releases:
-May 2011 - Demo+May 2011 - '[album artist=Old Gray]Demo[/album]'
-September 2011 - Do I Dare Disturb The Universe EP (Party Wound Productions)+September 2011 - '[album artist=Old Gray]Do I Dare Disturb The Universe[/album]' EP (Party Wound Productions)
-November 2011 - Acoustic Split with The Hundred Acre Woods+November 2011 - '[album artist=Old Gray]Old Gray & The Hundred Acre Woods : An Acoustic Split Among Friends[/album]'
-December 2011 - Split with Girl Scouts (Carucage Records)+December 2011 - '[album artist=Old Gray]Old Gray/Girl Scouts Split[/album]' (Carucage Records)

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Old Gray is a four-piece band based out of the southern New Hampshire area. Since forming in April 2011, the band has seen numerous changes, both in terms of their members and their musical style. Their lyrics are introspective and personal, often dealing with the ideas of love, loss, and isolation, while their music draws elements from a wide array of genres, most notably post-rock and post-hardcore. As of April 2014, they have released an LP, two EPs, six splits, a b-side, a single, and a demo. They have toured with bands such as William Bonney, Lovechild, and I Kill Giants and release music through Broken World Media. Music/Tumblr/Facebook Discography: May 2011 - 'Demo' Digital Download (Self-Released) September 2011 - 'Do I Dare Disturb the Universe' EP (Party Wound Productions) November 2011 - 'Old Gray & The Hundred Acre Woods : An Acoustic Split Among Friends' Digital Download (Self-Released) December 2011 - 'Old Gray/Girl Scouts Split' (Carucage Records) November 2012 - 'Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To' 7" EP (It's a Trap! Records, Sea of Tranquility Records, Songs from the Road Records - US, Dog Knights - EUR) and ca**ette tape (Broken World Media - US, Shivery Productions - EUR) January 2013 - "'I Think I Might Love You' Is An Awfully Long Sentence 7" Lathe Cut B-Side (Broken World Media) February 2013 - "4-way V-Day split" Digital Download (Topshelf Records) March 2013 - "An Autobiography" LP (Broken World Media - US, Dog Knights - EUR) May 2013 - "The Artist" 5" Lathe Cut Single (Broken World Media) September 2013 - "September 4​-​Way Split (Part 1)" Digital Download (Big Footprints Records) October 2013 - "Fest 12 Split" 7" Split (Soft Speak Records) April 2014 - "Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts" 7" Split (Broken World Media, Kind of Like Records - US, Dog Knights - EUR)