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Tireless seeker unbeaten paths unmistakable singer and guitarist, poet, and occasionally trenchant columnist Oldřich Janota started performing in the seventies with folk ballads. From 1977 to 1979 he played with James Leg and other musicians in Prague group Pentagram. The search for new expressive possibilities led him to establish a set of Mozart K. (1978 to 1981) with an unusual instrumental combination (harmonium, saxophone, mandolin, guitar, drums) and later to work with experimental rock and minimal music in collaboration with Paul Richter and Luboš Fidler (1981-1984). In 1985, Janota time left on the music scene altogether. He went quietly to the sound of acoustic guitars and Tibetan bowls Stanislav Dolezal. At the end of the 80th and early 90 years he was a member of the Association of improvisation Another time, speed and Community PAN and its first album he recorded the accompaniment of the viola da gamba Irena and Vojtech Havel. Since the early nineties Janota acts primarily as a soloist with the guitar.
His current repertoire includes both songs from the early eighties, and particularly new, minimalist practices and ethnic music influenced production. Janota complex ways came to simplicity in musical and verbal expression. Call it folk minimalism, but to name and define something as fragile and elusive is difficult. Wistful voice Oldřich Janota introduces us to a world of subtle ideas and feelings where each word has a magic power to trigger another association. "Sometimes a man can feel like a spring river mouth and at the same time," says Oldřich Janota. "Watching the passing flow, but it stopped feeling like a river-being." Somehow example, created a song dancer. The elusiveness unusual Janotova musicianship and his thought world full of imagination and special paintings he writes the more difficult, the more hopeless they succumb to the listener. And who does not address, is there any other persuasion unnecessary.

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