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  • star2777

    probably one of the best clean vocals ever in a song amazing riffs to indeed [2]

    April 2013
  • PaxThroughX

    if you can see like me you see!

    March 2012
  • danieldabatera

    the drummer is level 80

    January 2012
  • danieldabatera

    fuckin hardocore! awesome!

    January 2012
  • TheM43str0ofR0c


    November 2011
  • lolwtfmelanie

    i'm a hardcore atheist, but this song is the shit

    June 2011
  • pineapples626

    It's by My grace you're breathing.

    May 2011
  • Masterimp95

    I love this song so much...

    April 2011
  • clif89

    these guys are soo beast live!!!!!!!!!!!

    March 2011
  • milandros

    I can't stand all those people who hate on bands (especially metalcore bands) just because they are Christian. I'm not religious whatsoever but I respect those that are. And seriously if these guys weren't Christian then we wouldn't have this amazing song. The story and lyrics are amazing.

    March 2011
  • whisperVSclamor

    the drums..wow

    March 2011
  • drmix3

    All there songs seem soo perfect. There clean vocals are amazing

    February 2011
  • trumpetrock


    January 2011
  • drmix3

    Hear me now!!

    October 2010
  • pinkkoala111

    i looooove this song. amazing xD

    October 2010
  • skank1434

    solid. riffs are f-n fresh.

    September 2010
  • lawizeg

    love them, i can't believe missed them today

    September 2010
  • hellisaki

    probably one of the best clean vocals ever in a song amazing riffs to indeed

    July 2010
  • latinbby21


    June 2010
  • Avershun

    SO good.

    May 2010
  • KingBrandon18

    this is pretty good

    April 2010
  • christmetalcore

    love the riffs

    March 2010
  • DreamforanEnd

    Check out Dream for an End.

    March 2010
  • TeahTequila

    Oh, Sleeper is fucking win. ;DD

    February 2010
  • zoejuana

    fucking amazing song

    February 2010
  • ChrisC2112

    This band i amazing their music and their lyric concepts are just delightful

    January 2010

    No Dope is a different band lol i like it but vocals could be a lil better

    January 2010


    January 2010
  • rRed_Drop


    January 2010
  • freshde

    Its by my grace youre breathing.

    October 2009
  • SolidSnak3

    This song is banging end of.

    October 2009
  • Srgtkillpunkfag

    this is alright, heard better.

    September 2009
  • xAdamBurnsRedx

    Favorite song best album THEY CALL ME THE SON OF THE MORNING! :) my band is touring with TEXAS IN JULY CHECK US OUT Hallucinations of a blindman

    September 2009
  • jlitevich

    llamaofstone they call u the son of the gay father

    September 2009
  • BoxofPandora

    awesome.. especially the hi-hat at 2:10

    September 2009
  • llamaofstone44


    September 2009
  • johnnydoodles

    It's neat, but the sound is a little to bright for me. I just don't really like those type of screams as much.

    August 2009
  • peperonikiller

    Guess what? http://xleftysjunkx.blogspot.com/2009/08/oh-sleeper-son-of-morning-2009.html *cough*

    August 2009
  • notetoself__x

    new album is gonna be SO good.

    August 2009
  • FrostBoob

    This song is awesome! Can't wait for the album!

    August 2009
  • fakk3


    July 2009
  • Weird_Skylines


    July 2009
  • DarthRevan144

    Shit this song owns, I can't bloody wait for the album!

    July 2009
  • OnDistantShores

    Oh yeah, this is tight. Looking forward to the album a _lot_

    July 2009
  • codenamev810

    album better be just as good as this song right here, cuz this song is awesome.

    July 2009