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  • Avatar for Alburozie
    i fuckin love jeesus
  • Avatar for 0-172
    New album this summer! According to the band it's in place of the second EP will be a cross of When I Am God and Children of Fire.
  • Avatar for MuhNamesTyler
    Does anyone know why they never released the second EP from their indiegogo campaign?
  • Avatar for EugeneLesnevsky
    Hey ) You should check them out! Ukrainian kick ass band!
  • Avatar for DrawingTheHabit
    I love Endseekers, one of my fav metalcore songs!
  • Avatar for gocomeback
    easily my fav screamo band
  • Avatar for PutridBastard
    "Hang it up","call it quits"...wth this is the only metalcore I dig and worth the listen. The last ep was awful but even the greatest do mistakes. I hope solid state resings them again 'cause they do need a little help..
  • Avatar for nobody322
  • Avatar for Hour_of_Chaos
    Normally, I don't like christian Music, but these dudes are just great
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    These guys are great live
  • Avatar for MarstonD
    Одни из самых годных в металкоре
  • Avatar for ochuel
    Micah Kinard is the vocalist, Shane Blay (Wovenwar) only sang the clean vocals. The Titan EP they put out is awesome! Wovenwar is a great hard rock band and is a watered down version of As I Lay Dying. Oh, Sleeper has always been great band, as far as I have heard, they recently went independent to put out the music they want and the Titan EP is supposed to be a preview of what's to come!
  • Avatar for Vulgaira-
    ❤ O,S is MNE! muajijij(?
  • Avatar for stan2099
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    This band should just hang it up now that "Wovenwar" exists. I mean it's basically the vocalist of "Oh, Sleeper" backed by "As I Lay Dying", "Oh, Sleeper" should just hang it up now, it was good while it lasted.
  • Avatar for Alexburne
    For "Norma Jean" and "Every Time I Die" fans
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    "Son of the Morning" kills. Everything else ain't bad though, can't wait to hear the "Wovenwar" record. Basically "As I Lay Dying", but with the vocalist of "Oh, Sleeper" it should be awesome.
  • Avatar for TheHeraldWolf
    I freaking love this band!!
  • Avatar for m23fifa
    "When I Am God" is really masterpiece! Without any fashionable producers and any other shit that labels try to shove into music.
  • Avatar for wortex
    Children of Fire is one of the best albums for me. A real masterpiece.
  • Avatar for Sykokinetic
    My absolute favorite.
  • Avatar for Vulgaira-,+Sleeper/_/The+New+Breed?youtube_setvideo=success
  • Avatar for FyNtik_da
    New Photo,+Sleeper/+images/97820531
  • Avatar for brootinho
    criminally underrated
  • Avatar for Vulgaira-
  • Avatar for ChuckleZZZ0
    2oFFoy: I don't see any similarity to Oh, Sleeper. Sounds more like The Sorrow or smth. Go post in their shoutbox mb?
  • Avatar for oFFoy
    If you like oh sleeper red try listening my band: we worked really hard to put this out, please check it out, thanks! :)
  • Avatar for Fullface
    When can we expect new full length album? any info? =) P.S. EP is awesome, but we need MOAR!
  • Avatar for OnFireAlive
    Hush Yael is simply breathtaking to me. This song touched my heart deeply.
  • Avatar for WoodyDill
  • Avatar for horiiz0ns
    NEW PIC 2013:,+Sleeper/+images/91268489
  • Avatar for Fullface
    ипишка великолепна[1]
  • Avatar for BlindSlaves
    @vegan2012, already? They just released the Titan EP a little over a month ago.
  • Avatar for Fearofunreality
    охеренные ребята
  • Avatar for vegan2012
    a new cd would be nice...
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    good set at Warped last week.
  • Avatar for bloody-origami
    Naofumi Mitsuhashi is nice.
  • Avatar for crossjeremiah
    are you kidding me, titan and the concept is amazing.
  • Avatar for WarriorSam
    Titan EP is pretty good but i hope the new EP will be a little bit more of a progression
  • Avatar for wortex
    Is it just me, or does somebody feel, that The Titan is more like the older things ?
  • Avatar for leraway
    Heavy Hands awesome song
  • Avatar for As__Al
  • Avatar for serratedatom
    Loving the new EP.
  • Avatar for Thisisdefeat
    The Titan EP is amazing! [6]
  • Avatar for d4NGERDOOM
    I still cant get over how awesome in the wake of pigs is! EASILY MY FAVORITE SONG!
  • Avatar for Unsatisfaction
    Да, в этот раз они превзошли сами себя.
  • Avatar for Givesmechills
    I like the mathy riffs on titan
  • Avatar for TheEternalMind
    The Titan EP is amazing! [4]
  • Avatar for FyNtik_da,+Sleeper/+images/91151021
  • Avatar for stan2099
    The Titan EP is amazing! [3]


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