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  • Avatar for Kedsomhed_man
    Просто прекрасно, чёрт возьми, I love you al the time всегда весной отлично слушается.
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    one of the best bands ever coming from the US, best debut ever!!!
  • Avatar for fieldmuzick
    maybe trimmed their beards?
  • Avatar for lightningmonkey
    so have they done anything relevant since they removed the exclamation points from their name
  • Avatar for dumdun
    Walk in the Park XD
  • Avatar for Stefanszz
    my math teacher's a faggot lololol
  • Avatar for Bon-
    my math teacher's brother is in this band lololol [4]
  • Avatar for Stefanszz
    my math teacher's brother is in this band lololol [3]
  • Avatar for Anamnesis-
    my math teacher's brother is in this band lololol [2]
  • Avatar for Stefanszz
    Deez guys aint so bad!
  • Avatar for KillTheQueen
    It's spring, you know what that means? Time to listen to their first album over and over again because it's perfect spring music.
  • Avatar for sweetoblivion-
    my math teacher's brother is in this band lololol
  • Avatar for conditionals
    Everyone should make sure to hit up their [url=]bandcamp[/url] for a steady stream of great new (free!) releases.
  • Avatar for lekitchensink
    Please, come to Utah.
  • Avatar for EdwardioNortano
    Такие няши <3
  • Avatar for AndrewBleeker
    These guys are growing on me rapidly.
  • Avatar for galoma
    @podobnozuzanna - pomyliło Ci się z duńskim Oh No Ono ;)
  • Avatar for ripchord
    lol... texas
  • Avatar for BRIARDXA
    Walking Into Me
  • Avatar for Najlaa_23
    im totally in love ahhh <333
  • Avatar for Chaos_Rayne
    just started love. should have listened sooner.
  • Avatar for rbake
    jolly rogers > oh no oh my, both in nomenclature and in music. but it's still all awesome (except maybe the latest album, but i'm still giving it a chance)
  • Avatar for withpassion
    i'm still too scared (or lazy) to listen to their new album. i just love their last one to pieces.
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    lol at the tag!
  • Avatar for juannifer
    Why aren't Dmitrij Dmitrij & People Problems to your album list? You should add 'em. :)
  • Avatar for Tego
    For Scandinavian fans: I interviewed Oh No Oh My when they visited Oslo last month:
  • Avatar for 2didone we suggest new music. enjoy!
  • Avatar for digitalcontact
    'thank you for the cigarette' 8DD
  • Avatar for KPtheCoolCat
    The new album is just so painfully... average.
  • Avatar for KillTheQueen
    Fuck. These guys remind me of the most wonderful spring of my life! Love them!! They NEED to come Canada!
  • Avatar for mechanori
    is there a studio recording of this version of "go to work"?
  • Avatar for NickGnd
    Good good live at Porcupine (Ariano nel Polesine, Italy) YeahhhH!!!!!
  • Avatar for ginny55
    can't get enough of oh no! oh my! and between the devil and the sea. do not want any of people problems. jfc what a terrible album.
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    when the fuck did they drop the exclamation marks? are they as good as when they stopped calling themselves the jolly rogers? love to see these guys with a fan base, they'll never EVER top "i love you all the time" in my eyes though!
  • Avatar for gfdsagfdsagfdsa
    Fall out boys sucks man, get that shit out of this shoutbox :]
  • Avatar for conditionals
    My copy is still in the mail. But... Fall Out Boy comparison? Sounds ridiculous. However enough people have said it that I'm intrigued as to what Fall Out Boy elements could possibly be in an Oh No! Oh My! record.
  • Avatar for recrapulated
    After first listen, I was very unsure about it. However, after reading up more about the history behind it and reading the back of the CD cover, I have a feeling it will grow on me.
  • Avatar for hollym101
    i fell in love with this band because of Dmitrij Dmitrij, not the earlier stuff as much, so the progression/maturing since the first album is very awesome, to me at least.
  • Avatar for confusionisben
    I was prepared for a god-awful album, given some of the comments.., but, It's a pretty nice record.
  • Avatar for BingeListening
    "The feeling is that these guys went into a studio with no time tables, no schedules, and simply wrote terrific pop songs. Coming up with the next hot sound is great. But there’s plenty to be said for mastering existing brands."
  • Avatar for whatef
    just found these guys. Normally not really my kind of music, 'cuz it's so cute.
  • Avatar for cyanideElixir
  • Avatar for ScreamyBoy
    So I Took You - is so sweet
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    Um...I just listened to the new album, and it is absolutely NOTHING like Fall Out Boy so that was a pretty awful comparison. It is far from that mainstream pop rock garbage. The new album is so different from their previous work, but it's because they've matured as musicians. They're developing their sound, and I admire it.
  • Avatar for taylor2008
    personally, i think the new album is great. It's different from the other releases, but in a very good way.
  • Avatar for JonnyRIDDLE
    Am I the only one that digs the new album? Maybe I just wasn't listening to it in the same context as you guys... I'd not listened to them much before so I had no expectations... Either way, love the new one.
  • Avatar for volumeOut
    new album, not good. what happened :(
  • Avatar for milky_fan
    "bands that would eat children if only they could fit a whole one inside their mouths" why???
  • Avatar for Organicjoes
    i don't mean to sound like a pompous asshole, but why did you guys choose this direction? i want to like this album, but i simply can't.
  • Avatar for pooryorik
    Orangicjoes, you're spot on with the fall out boy comparison.


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