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  • Avatar for ndigjim
    almagal is up there with the very pest of the pests of
  • Avatar for BallerCraig
    "Payday At Coal Creek"!!!!!!!!!!!!! ODETTA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for zloiman
    Случайно нашел на Яндекс Музыке. Вокал хороший. Мелодии вполне традиционны.
  • Avatar for Songs_of_Myself
    "Odetta Sings of Many Things" (1964) ... nice release on 50th anniversary
  • Avatar for almagal
    Odetta is up there with the best of the very best.
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    вокал у нее шикарный, но исполняемые песни ей категорически не подходят. фольклор должен быть аутентичным, паваротти тут не нужен
  • Avatar for optimalforager
    Waterboy: Nuff said...
  • Avatar for BearsandLions
    Motherless Children
  • Avatar for bohemian_chic
    Every song she covers magically becomes an Odetta song.
  • Avatar for tuffentiny
  • Avatar for bigfella601
    why cant i play either hit or miss songs???
  • Avatar for DeadKinks
    What a woman
  • Avatar for CDPETE01
    until late hadnt listened to Odetta,so having a Fest tonight.
  • Avatar for SlipGun
    Ain't No Grave ...
  • Avatar for NeSubjekt
  • Avatar for blebbio
    da real shit
  • Avatar for otsukaretimu
    rainy-dog - sign up for spotify, they have a ton of them FREE.
  • Avatar for otsukaretimu
    Wow. Was not expecting that voice. Really like Another Man Done Gone.
  • Avatar for nicholasgiles
    as far as im concerned Gallows Pole began and ended with you <3
  • Avatar for anarchyof77
    Saw her performance in "No Direction Home". I'm shocked. Need to get her record!
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    oh my god, so many of her albums are unavailable. she can't reissue them herself now, so i hope someone will one day.
  • Avatar for Nochek
    very very good. lOve.
  • Avatar for Fughettaboutit
    Odetta (hiphop) <3
  • Avatar for saucyjill
    It's such a crime that so many of her albums are out of print.
  • Avatar for Sandronic
  • Avatar for Sandronic
  • Avatar for CoolTop
    When I'm high, I AM Odetta. Let's get naked and smoke.
  • Avatar for samonta
    i can't remember why i stopped listening to her for so long, but i'm never making that mistake again.
  • Avatar for sownz
    Her voice had such authority. [2]
  • Avatar for thetrousers
    New Odetta tribute album out now:
  • Avatar for Eeelz
    gallows pole...the greatest!
  • Avatar for lascivit
    when i'm high I AM Odetta
  • Avatar for rotten-piggy
    can't stop repeating - amazing voice!
  • Avatar for marcelodylan
  • Avatar for oompaloompa1
    that voice
  • Avatar for PalCaremusic
    Odetta will live forever!
  • Avatar for buiksloot
    I am hoping she was able to watch Obama's election on television, and died with great hopes for the future and excitement over singing at the inauguration. requiescat in pace
  • Avatar for Castizo
    Voz espectacular.
  • Avatar for northstar1299
    Glory, Glory! An inspiration for the generations across all walks of life. R.I.P.
  • Avatar for morti-viventi
    spaceicorn: me too! RIP. No one had a voice and a soul like hers.
  • Avatar for SilviB
    R.I.P to a musical legend and and insipiration to countless of other great musicians and regular folk like me. I love her music!
  • Avatar for Ciacchi
    fuck, I had just discovered her music and now I hear she's dead. She's amazing
  • Avatar for thomas10
    Her music is historical. It'll never die!
  • Avatar for godwand
    RIP =(
  • Avatar for Carlos44
    R.I.P. the great artist...
  • Avatar for dreamworkvelvet
    RIP The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement as died
  • Avatar for shedonist
    Blessed spirit. RIP, sista.
  • Avatar for Zerubbabel413
    glad i got to hear her music
  • Avatar for shipoffools88
  • Avatar for Ciacchi
    muleskinner blues is fucking adrenaline


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