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  • New EP released (yesterday-ish) [url=http://www.oddsmusic.com/news/party-party-party/]Read all about it[/url] and Party, Party, Party Also catch the band as they tour across the Great White North and through your town on the CP Holiday Train!
  • Thanks for the update on a new album that is cool
  • Just a reminder of the group for Odds fans: [group]Even Odds[/group]
  • The new album - The Most Beautiful Place on Earth - [url=http://www.oddsmusic.com/news/the-most-beautiful-place-on-earth-will-come-to-you-feb-21/]will be out this month[/url]!
  • HEY - a [url=http://www.oddsmusic.com/?p=1674]new album is hinted at[/url].
  • Check out the [url=http://www.oddsmusic.com/]Odds website[/url]. Information available on the previously unreleased "[track artist=odds]Heaven Where Hell Should Be[/track]".
  • I've only just discovered them through their links to the Kids in the Hall...if only I had dug them up sooner, because I'm really digging their music right now.
  • Odds will be touring on the CP Holiday Train again this year. Show you support for your local food bank and Odds. [url=http://www.oddsmusic.com/?page_id=5]times and places[/url]
  • Forgot how much I liked their songs, although Eat my Brain is kinda bland
  • I went to see/hear Warren Zevon play at Tipitina's in New Orleans, and Odds was the opener, then they played as Warren's backup band. I was blown away. At the time, they had just released their first album, which is a classic in my book.
  • My faves r "Yes (Means It's Hard To say No)" & Wendy Under The Stars
  • goa Odds pwns all other odds.
  • @6:00 and @therabidwombat: The video for "Heterosexual Man" was also featured on an episode of MTV's "Beavis and Butthead," at least in the United States, so this song is one of the ones the band is most known for down here. I know it's the first thing I heard from them and what got me into them.
  • Hey you - are you an Odds fan? Join the group: http://www.last.fm/group/Even+Odds
  • Heads up: The New Odds' album "Cheerleader" is now in stores. Many tracks similar to "the old" Odds' stuff, a couple of others like some of Northey's newer songs.
  • eat my brain is the song that stands out to me.
  • Craig Northey rocks.
  • Definately one of my all time favorite 90's bands. They're equally as funny as they are talented. They're all playing on my current CD too =)
  • It wasn't, they had other big songs (including Someone Whose Cool, and Eat My Brain which I think were a somewhat bigger hits than falls apart, but I'm not sure)
  • I'm excited for the New Odds!
  • Bands like The Odds kept radio tolerable in the 90s.
  • Fantastic band.
  • Today's popular Canadian indie acts owe a debt of gratitude towards early 90s bands such as the Odds for laying down the ground work. These guys were exceptionally talented.

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