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There are plenty of bands/artists named Ocean. Honestly though, if you reached this page because Last.fm's stats don't support real 1970's discipline, you are a gaping pussy.
Look it up you waste of skin. Don't play this "i'm an editor of a popular indie 'zine.. " Douchebag. #2 on this list doesn't quite cut it. Hailing from Portland, Maine is a bunch of slipknot wannabes btw* —> (BY THE WAY) that I have it on good authority (aren't they all good? Authorities, I mean) that these guys all pre-heat corn-on-the-cob in their very own asses. Sweet!

1.) Hailing from Portland, Maine is a contemporary doom/sludge metal quartet Ocean (http://www.oceanofdoom.com/ & http://www.myspace.com/ocean).

2.) 1970s Canadian gospel-rock band with albums Put Your Hand in the Hand and Give Tomorrow's Children One More Chance.

3.) A Czech synthi-pop band Oceán (http://ocean.musichall.cz/), very popular in the end of '80s and begin of '90s.

4.) There also was a '90s jazz project that released Au Pied, La Mer! in 1998.

5.) In Switzerland Ocean has been a folkrock-formation around Henri Huber. The band was founded in the early seventies in Bern and performed until the late eighties, releasing several albums.

6.) A Polish rock band from the city of Wroclaw (http://www.ocean.art.pl) that became quite popular after releasing their third album Niecierpliwy dostaje mniej in early 2006.

7.) A singer-songwriter whose electic pop music spans from entrancing to danceable funk. (http://www.OceanMusic.com)

8.) A French hardrock/heavymetal band, playing in the 80'

9.) None of the above are to be confused with Berlin's The Ocean, although they are compared to the Ocean of Portland.

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