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  • d1lll1nger


    February 2015
  • wheresyourblues

    очень годный бритпоп

    January 2015
  • talita_mendes

    July 2014
  • talita_mendes

    June 2014
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Ocean Colour Scene

    May 2014
  • algoostu

    "britpop com influência de Velvet Underground", e o melhor é que superou minhas expectativas

    April 2014
  • marksplace2008

    Check out Little Liam too, they've worked with Steve Cradock of OCS

    December 2013
  • engmostafaeldam

    the new album is very nice

    October 2013
  • marjo47

    fab. band!

    October 2013
  • Furashubakku

    How is Robin Hood not in the top songs?

    June 2013
  • HimitsuUK

    Very good.

    April 2013
  • DuGallagher

    amazing band!

    April 2013
  • levitate85


    March 2013
  • oceanbutnone

    amazing !!!!

    February 2013
  • Rezzo64

    If the new album is nearly as good as Saturday, I'm in

    February 2013
  • generalmalaise

    Throwbacks. Chris Evans haws a lot to answer for. See also: Texas.

    February 2013
  • WoodyCAFC

    Oh, and btw, it's called Painting, and features 14 new tracks.

    December 2012
  • WoodyCAFC

    Just heard that OCS have got a new album out in Feb 13! Can't wait. http://ocs.tmstor.es/

    December 2012
  • nextposition

    Like good pop rock, check out this new band: http://nextposition.bandcamp.com/

    October 2012
  • escocial

    Best of the britpop era

    October 2012
  • daylewood

    Moseley Shoals is a faultless album. Pure brilliance!

    September 2012
  • barrettsnewpc

    Mosley Shoals was the first CD wot I ever bought, and coming up to 20 years later it's great to know that not only does it still stand up, but it still sounds fuggin' incredible. Easily one of the best albums of the decade.

    August 2012
  • RichieThomp

    forgot how good they are!

    June 2012
  • princecheeky

    This band just oozes class, love 'em!

    April 2012
  • Llinares

    Someone has the lyrics of acoustic jam house? Still Trying, Matilda´s England...

    March 2012
  • Broken-Stones

    Never disappoint live! Love love love this band!!

    January 2012
  • DuGallagher

    The Fabulous Ocean Colour Scene <3

    January 2012
  • englishstone

    so underrated...

    December 2011
  • luvstuss

    Ocean Colour Scene в O2 Academy Brixton Возникновению этой группы предшествовал неизбежный распад двух других - The Boys и The Fanatics. http://pulse-uk.org.uk/concerts/ocean-colour-scene-v-o2-academy-brixton/

    November 2011
  • Pedrorockeiro

    Up On The Downside

    November 2011
  • garyjcbs482

    saw Simon Fowler at Bridge Bash Festival a couple of month ago, There were great :)

    October 2011
  • CypherUK

    My Dad used to listen to OCS along with the Jam and others. So before I really knew who OCS were their songs were imprinted on me. For anyone new to them and looking to get to know their stuff the 'best of' album called 21 that they released last year would be a great place to start. Loads of great songs but I think Big Star is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's become a sin to hit the skip button when that song comes on. More people need to know about them tbh.

    July 2011
  • podgethebastard

    back in the day...but still quality

    June 2011
  • DuGallagher

    These guys are amazing.

    May 2011
  • Ipsascientia

    i will admit i like them far more than i originally thought i would.

    March 2011
  • matthewirwin286

    why aren't people listening to So Low?

    March 2011
  • RobAyers

    Amazing live

    February 2011
  • boblindz


    February 2011
  • Sleepchk

    Lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

    January 2011
  • fisshbone

    damn, i just know them when Up On The Downside featured in PES 2010 Soundtrack... if only i know them sooner...

    January 2011
  • MisterMackaye


    January 2011
  • Matty-303

    These were the first band I ever saw. I was 9 and they played at Hull City Hall. Solid Gold supported

    January 2011
  • X_Luis

    They must be more popular! Moseley Shoals and Marchin' Already are great classic of britpop!

    December 2010
  • Milinha_NNE

    My favourite band. Ever

    December 2010
  • luckystoned

    good boys ;-)

    December 2010
  • vulgaran

    Criminally underrated

    November 2010
  • Dog_Dingo

    amazing band

    November 2010
  • dropacid

    I love So Low so much

    October 2010
  • cedar1517

    blow away~~

    October 2010
  • IndieLuke

    awesome :o)

    August 2010