• Music purchases in 2013!!! Still alive ... continue.

    6 Jan 2013, 10:49 by Amadey

    A new year has begun and is not bad. Collection was replenished very interesting bands and never forgotten classics.


    - Beneath the Massacre - Dystopia, 2008
    : Always had a weakness for technically madmen. Stunning mix of technical death, brutal deathcore and hurricane grind wave. I advise for meat lovers.

    - Inferia - No Sperm Shall Be Spared, 2010
    : In Grind we Trust... some times.. Porno...porno goregrind... sooo, if you need anger, speed and violence.. welcome my friend! Hurricane work.

    - Iron Maiden - En Vivo!,2012
    : Again, masters make us freeze !!! Powerful sound, tons of furious energy, a sense of absolute presence. Some is much to learn from them. UP the IronS !!!

    - Mortiis - The Stargate, 1999
    : It is still not possible to collect all the epics Mortis. But the era of two finished ahead of the era of three. ps - pity that he's away from the ambient, and more and more to the gothic electronics.

    - Moshquito - Worlds End, 2001