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    4 Apr 2009, 07:35 by bloodlite

  • Mercurine, 6/27/2006 @ Elbo Room, Chicago, IL

    28 Jun 2006, 15:34 by Corvar

    All of the hassle I was worried about getting to and from the venue, finding parking, etc. was non-existent. Mitchell and Joel showed up at my office latter than I had wanted, but we made it down in plenty of time. We found excellent on street parking, and even had time to catch some food at the burger place across the street from Elbo Room and watch the bands load in equipment.

    We got into the bar pretty early, allowing for plenty of time to chat, I don't know Joel that well, so it was nice being able to chat with him. After a while, we noticed that the downstairs was open and headed down to see the show.

    I think I have seen Trigger10d before, but I am not sure where. If I had to guess, I think it was opening for Hungry Lucy a couple of years back. There set didn't do a whole lot for me until the last song. It definitely wasn't bad, but didn't get me into it. The last song of their set was very good though. I am not familiar enough with their material to know if that is just a really good song…