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There are currently 6 Last FM artists called Object:

1. The German Object:
OBJECT is the solo electro-industrial project of Andreas Malik formed in 1994. Dark, atmospheric, complex electronic sounds in the classic old-school electro-industrial vein of acts such as Placebo Effect, Mentallo & The Fixer and early yelworC are the trademarks of the band.

The latest 2012 release, Mechanisms of Faith is a double CD featuring a main disc (Mechanisms of Faith) of 15 of the most ambitious tracks to date and a second disc (Old School Conspiracy) featuring remixes by such electro-industrial luminaries as Sleepwalk and Zoth Ommog alumnus Controlled Fusion and Abscess.

Official releases are:
2001 | CD | Part-Time Paranoia (Broken Seal Records)C
2002 | CD | The Reflecting Skin (Broken Seal Records)
2008 | CD | The Ethane Asylum (Vendetta Music)
2012 | 2 x CD | Mechanisms of Faith (Electro Aggression Records)

* http://www.object-music.de/
* http://object1.bandcamp.com/
* http://www.myspace.com/objectger
* http://www.electroaggressionrecords.com/
Source: http://www.myspace.com/objectger

2. The American Object:

A two person cacophony of love and disintegration. Our blood sings at a frequency that will resonate in even the darkest recesses of your cold heart. Melting hopelessness away in a trance of intense distraction. Beat the drums to shake off your disgust at life’s empty promises. Convulsing in an orgasmic death twitch, echos of your former lives fighting to reach the surface. Gasping for air. Making you whole again.

3. The French Object:
Object is a band drawing their inspiration from late 80's French Cold Wave bands and early 80's Post-punk British luminaries such as Joy Division and The Chameleons.
OBJECT is a french-italian band comprised of Stephane Pigneul (bass VI /voice) and Alessio Ciborio Gioffredi (drums) and also members of Ulan Bator.

After years of concerts and happenings, OBJECT released a debut five track EP in 2007. The press greeted the record with enthusiasm, citing influences such as Ulan Bator, Joy Division, Virago and Sonic Youth. A series of concerts followed the release with OBJECT supporting acts such as Papier Tigre, Githead , Charles De Goal , Zëro and Norma Loy.

A Place to Hide is the new ten track album from OBJECT, recorded and produced by Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust). Listen to a preview track from A Place to Hide, the perfect noise of ‘Friend Of Mine’, at OBJECT’s myspace. A Place to Hide has been mastered in Bologna (Italy) by Francesco Donadello and Amaury Cambuzat .

Official releases are:
2007 | EP | Object (Str8line Records/Deambula Records/ Manic Depression Records)
2008 | Compliation | "Dead Man" | Movement One Vol. 2 (Str8line Records)
2009 | CD | A Place To Hide | (Str8line Records)
2009 | Compliation | Broken Windows Cd Sampler Elegy ELGCD0060 (Elegy Magazine)
2010 | CD upcoming | On The Edge Of The Void | (Str8line Records)


4. The Australian Object:
A side project for Brisbane-based sound artist Lawrence English. http://www.elision.org.au/composers/english.html

5. The Czech Object:

0. The Certain Object: (Opject) is an human, as well as a citizen. He lives in a house.

- Relative Objective (2006-08)
- Ouroboros (2007-09)
- Subject (2009-10)
- 65 Hempstalls Lane (2014)

Source: https://soundcloud.com/object-1https://object2.bandcamp.com/


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