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  • Avatar for jimts
    Amazing lyrics, some of Noel's best...
  • Avatar for KailPatane
    Hypnotic. Such a powerful song, full of feeling. But pretty underrated.=/ I would love to see in a live show.
  • Avatar for kallekk
    A W E S O M E!
  • Avatar for electrikalstorm
    Superb song, totally underrated.
  • Avatar for DaniloFerrreira
    i think this is my favorite oasis song
  • Avatar for dogsechoes
    Song and Album underrated
  • Avatar for deurwaarder
    Live version on Familiar to Millions is great! [3]
  • Avatar for dominik1291
    One of the best songs in the world !
  • Avatar for pri_w
    Live version on Familiar to Millions is great! [2]
  • Avatar for pri_w
    a song that will never be underrated on my life...
  • Avatar for prime1128
    this song is horribly underrated. [5]
  • Avatar for paulo_4_20_
    Muito foda, um som progressivo do Oasis...
  • Avatar for eban_666
    this song is horribly underrated. [4]
  • Avatar for N-N-N-Nashty
    This song actually gives me shadows of Pink Floyd on acid.
  • Avatar for masterplan19
    this song is horribly underrated. [3]
  • Avatar for jaw0525
    this song is horribly underrated. [2]
  • Avatar for william_0191
    unbelieveable tune.
  • Avatar for kallekk
    Oasis lost it in the 90's? Don't think so!
  • Avatar for burnsmedia
    Pure Oasis
  • Avatar for mewsic156
    Nice one 88/100
  • Avatar for joeyrockstarr
  • Avatar for BostonIrish
    Live version on Familiar to Millions is great!
  • Avatar for kazooAE101
  • Avatar for infurno1991
    Oasis's most underrated song. I think it's a shame that they never played it live after the SOTSOG tour.
  • Avatar for budman82
    panic is on the way!
  • Avatar for live4ever89
  • Avatar for Twolf35
    This song is sooo underrated, I dont get the hate for SOTSOG. Its a solid album, and this song is far and away the standout track. Its like if Late-Early Led Zeppelin had a baby with Late Led Zeppelin, and then that baby had a baby with Late Beatles. Cuz my family don't seems so familiar And My enemies all know my name And when you hear me tap on your window You better get on your knees and pray... Panic is on the way!!
  • Avatar for ccitb
    most probably their best song.
  • Avatar for sirenonthe101
  • Avatar for Trevour
    Wow, it's been almost 10 years since SOTSOG came out. This was definitely the standout track on my very first listen, and it still is to this day. I'd love an epic Amorphous Androgynous 22-minute remix of this, please.
  • Avatar for check_the_OR
    The guitar on familiar to millions version sounds sounds sooo good
  • Avatar for Van-Gucci94
    amazing song
  • Avatar for hotzeplotz123
    It can't get any better!!!
  • Avatar for thayseviskis
    you better get on your knees and pray, oasis is on the way
  • Avatar for oldyellowbricks
    Epic song!
  • Avatar for Arrozit0
    Fantastic. Top5, surely.
  • Avatar for wilcaz
    Top 5 Oasis song.
  • Avatar for nowhere-plans
    what a great guitar solo!
  • Avatar for dogsechoes
    The live version on Familiar to Millions is amazing:psychedelic.The last part of guitars reminds me Champagne Supernova:there is a similar riff Noel used to play in '95 - for ex.Champagne Supernova live at Earl's Court London-.
  • Avatar for LauRICCIA
    I can't help listening to this one! It's a gem in every aspects!
  • Avatar for TheHutchman
    One of Noel's ten best songs.
  • Avatar for kallekk
    As you guys say, very underrated song!
  • Avatar for electrikalstorm
    one of the best, dont know why so few plays..
  • Avatar for lizandro0mao
    essa é a musica....
  • Avatar for weemies
    The song itself is pretty good but the exclamation mark in the name is an insta-fail.
  • Avatar for BostonIrish
    underrated song. sounds even better on familiar to millions.
  • Avatar for GunsNRoses13
    Liams voice is so powerful in this song. "You better get on your knees and pray, Panic is on the way!"
  • Avatar for dexter_mm
    Mi canción favorita de Oasis ^^
  • Avatar for polarkreis18
    great great piece of art
  • Avatar for suedehead_
    Rock In Rio 3 version is better than all versions of this song. Noel made a wonderful solo and Alan was amazing too on him drums.


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