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  • In my opinion: Free > Office of Strategic Influence. But both albums are fantastic.
  • Really liking OSI. I think their first album is a bit too gloomy (though still good), but Free is a great, great album.
  • Here in Chile, we to listen to OSI, for me is the perfect band, a nice sound. Greetings
  • Free is a very interesting piece of work. I like it.
  • Amazing band! Free is an excellent album, though I prefer the first one which is more prog.
  • Yeah, the new OSI sounds more like Moore than Osi album... good songs there thou.
  • Many are complaining about Moore's voice, that is too melancholic and depressing. I do agree that Moore is not really 'singing' like Labrie is doing, but his voice is there to soothe and calm the listener; many times I've I felt relaxed after a song. To me, Moore's voice is the key to OSI. You like it or you don't. Perfect espionnage music. From progarchives review....By the way,i agree :P
  • IMO,free is quite far from progressive metal
  • Any news about a possible upcoming tour?
  • OSIблять!! =)))
  • Goooood band. ;)
  • Not bad, they remind me of NIN.
  • I love their Set Controls For The Heart Of The Sun cover...
  • Free is an awesome album, Kevin Moore rules, go OSI!
  • The Thing That Never Was is an awesome instrumental at 17 mins long.
  • moore rox
  • Moore is incredible as a vocalist. I would have never thought...
  • awesome band
  • even better now, i guess. ;D
  • made some changes, I think it's better now
  • Is it just me or was OSI's artist description written by someone who has been learning english for a week? I'd write a better one but I am lazy.
  • New album kicks major ass. I honestly didn't expect it to be that way, but it was a very nice surprise. It seems so much more experimental and progressive... it's amazing. It's beautiful.
  • A great band, alien to your average conception of over-the-top supergroups, nonetheless, but tagging it as instrumental?
  • got the album today, not bad at all... can't really compare it to the debut right now though
  • Wow, I'm just listening to the tracks at myspace. ... and I thought the first album was a great one! Two more weeks to go :-/
  • i agree - i like this one more than the debut.
  • 'Free' is a much better album than the debut, imo.
  • 2 new songs on their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/osiband
  • how do you know what it sounds like? have you heard it?
  • I second that. :( what disappointed me the most was the lack of any sound samples in the music
  • Free is a major disappointment :(
  • lets change this stupid artist picture to a more appropriate one ;)
  • *runs around* New OSI coming New OsI coming.. whee
  • The second OSI album, with tentative title Free, is due out on March 31st. Keys&...: Kevin Moore | Guitar: Jim Matheos | Drums: Mike Portnoy | Bass: Joey Vera.


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