• A Weekend With Doddodo

    1 Oct 2008, 06:41 by jonniewilks

    "The following night's solo performance, however, was a revelation. Elfin and pretty, we found Doddodo chain-smoking on her haunches outside Fukuoka's Decadent Deluxe, wearing exactly the same clothes as she'd been in the night before. For someone who has developed an international reputation as an assured and exciting performer, she looked like a bag of nicotine-fueled nerves, twitchy and unfocused..."

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    The article makes reference to the following artists and labels:

    Less Than Tv
  • Happy Noise Monday at UrBANGUILD, 10/22

    28 Oct 2007, 20:48 by djgizmoe

    There are some shows that you remember forever. This was not one of them. Even without drugs or alcohol, most of the evening is a big blackout, probably due to the fact that I never learned the names of most of the bands. Here's what I remember basically:

    1. My friend Nick and his cousin came.
    2. There was a noisy hardcore band that started things out (Z-Z言語「ウ」?) and they weren't half-bad.
    3. Hide from Ultra Bide was ringmaster as usual.
    4. The DJ was some gaijin (DJ AFRIphoniC), and he played a decent selection of late 70's-early 80's NYC.
    From what I could tell.
    5. Nick and his cousin went out for ramen just as this cool noise guy came on and made noise with an unusual mix of mostly homemade instruments. As the lights were off for the most part, I couldn't really tell what he was doing, but it sure made an ungodly musique concrete kinda racket. Hide says he routinely plays on the street in front of Shinjuku Station, and when I talked with him later…