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  • Avatar for filthwearnfilth
    Can't wait for the new album.
  • Avatar for Oh_Carrie_Ann
    New song and album pre-order at
  • Avatar for keeeechee_tyan
    New ORBS album this summer! What a time to be alive.
  • Avatar for mydeerhunter
    give it up everyone. it's never coming out
  • Avatar for hiddensinful
    Both songs on the 7" are excellent. Cannot wait for Past Life Regression.
  • Avatar for ohsoimpulsive
    New 7" single! -
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
    Duder did an interview with Adam on his music blog not too long ago if you’re interested at all:
  • Avatar for ambienze
    Past Life Regression.. ughhh cant waittttt
  • Avatar for rightangles
    There is going to be a second album? That's cool I want it.
  • Avatar for alexaCollective
    o wait they actually are shit im pumped
  • Avatar for alexaCollective
    wait they're actually recording a new album? bs
  • Avatar for Sixers-kun
    So when's that new album coming out?
  • Avatar for xVTSWx
    new album plz guise
  • Avatar for Defunct_7
    I like that , nice band
  • Avatar for DemonTPx
    Check out Jupiter by Cave In if you like this!
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
    New studio updates on the Facebook page. PEEP it!
  • Avatar for Motiv3ter
    they are recording a new album which I cannot wait for personally!
  • Avatar for knight_88
    They need new stuff!
  • Avatar for LowiMinh
    "A man of science" is perfect!
  • Avatar for Tanmut
    Yeah. New photo + youtube teaser => new album I hope.
  • Avatar for CrimeForDummies aww yiss
  • Avatar for aujidziecko
    So tasteful
  • Avatar for Taf_ooner
    ashley ellyllon makes me cream in my pants
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    And I thought, I thought... I knew this song, I knew this song... I knew this song. And it's finally making sense now.
  • Avatar for Mr_Gren
    The Monolith has included ORBS in its top 10 supergroups feature!
  • Avatar for Taf_ooner
    ha the vocals are fine
  • Avatar for Schander
    This would've been great if it weren't for those atrocious vocals.
  • Avatar for COG_Master
    This band kicks ASS.
  • Avatar for Latemalicsirp
    Great band! ♥
  • Avatar for Maccim
    неплохо конечно но вокал как будто поёт 15 летний мальчик какойто
  • Avatar for ElectricGood
  • Avatar for KuCz
    In the beginning, I mostly listened to the first 3 songs of the record, but now I gotta love 'em all. :)
  • Avatar for JackJameson
    I sat for hours while he spoke and asked him why he came a toad Дико доставляет
  • Avatar for Motiv3ter
    New album in 2013? Fuck yes!
  • Avatar for Audiobinge!i=980937589&k=AngnY
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    there's going to be new shit in 2013! [2]
  • Avatar for bodomkeyboards
    lol it looks like The Northwestern Bearitories caused a mess in the tracks charts, is the A capital or lowercase, is there a colon after or a parenthesis? hahah such a mess, they should be tagged properly
  • Avatar for ManiaMaster
    There's going to be new shit in 2013 !
  • Avatar for Jayden_Patuckie
    Hey) Nice stuff here!) Check out my friends' math\exp band) [artist]The Hysteria[/artist] If you like 'em, feel free to share it with friends!) Thx a lot for attention) ;D
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
    Adam is selling some gear:
  • Avatar for p0ryg0n
  • Avatar for beflamesmygirl_
    Is this a women or a man singing?
  • Avatar for blackmetalcore
    new music please
  • Avatar for teh33
    When will these guys release new stuff/go on tour? I have one of their shirts yet I need to see them live :(
  • Avatar for Ice_9
    Any news is good news Audiobinge =D
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
    A few new songs have been worked out. Not sure If they have been recorded or even demoed live but maybe something by the end of the year. Adam is living in California now and Is working as [artist]All Human[/artist].
  • Avatar for Ispacemanl
  • Avatar for BakerJustin
    new stuff any time soon?
  • Avatar for JohnLateralus
    Pretty fuckin' tits.


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