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  • Avatar for hfluffo
    Who wrote the bio? It's sort of hilarious. And epic.
  • Avatar for felipehm90
    yeah, they're really great
  • Avatar for twinkle_toes20
    please come to kansas/oklahoma/texas some time please!
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  • Avatar for dmuzina
    soooo good. love love love them
  • Avatar for MWhipple
    they opened up for le loup last year and managed to blow them away in front of no more than 15 people. absolutely killed it.
  • Avatar for brunogaiola
    The bio is so funny...
  • Avatar for illzid
    thats what you need...a kind of guarantee...I can give to you
  • Avatar for CyberKiL
    so good, so good, so good
  • Avatar for Mhmmaggie
    Contrary to punkass's statement, I went to a Nurses show last night and it was fucking incredible. Exceeded my expectations by far. They sounded great and were a bunch of fun. A million hearts.
  • Avatar for dejavudarlene
    I can't get enough of Nurses at the moment. <3 [4]
  • Avatar for twinkle_toes20
    I can't get enough of Nurses at the moment. <3 [3]
  • Avatar for anatomyofashane
    Oh, and I just realized that your iTunes biography says you guys are from Idaho? You said last night you were from Portland. Just a heads up.
  • Avatar for anatomyofashane
    Awesome show last night at Black Cat! Think you rocked it harder than Tallest Man. It's not often that a band actually does something... different. Keep up the good work.
  • Avatar for punkasss
    pretty weak live show last night at the highline. no energy
  • Avatar for man_d
    How much more can I love this?
  • Avatar for snapmagic
    SO good.
  • Avatar for nue_wave
    His voice is crazy good.
  • Avatar for shitgiraffe
    inkredible voice
  • Avatar for Krejzi
    I can't get enough of Nurses at the moment. <3 [2] precisely.
  • Avatar for skaguy
    I can't get enough of Nurses at the moment. <3
  • Avatar for M_Jordan
    sehr schön
  • Avatar for Mhmmaggie
    so versatile. every song is completely different. the difference between their two albums is crazy. i love i love i love. so excited to see them in phoenix.
  • Avatar for ItsGonRain
    Apple's Acre is completely different from Hangin' Nothin' But Out Hands, whoa. Definitely please I get to redeem missing them in May, good times.
  • Avatar for tastystuff1
    can't wait to see these guys (again) at my school with The Tallest Man on Earth.
  • Avatar for inparentheses
    reminds me of syd barrett-era pink floyd. fantastic
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  • Avatar for Organicjoes
    daytrotter session is excellent
  • Avatar for network54
  • Avatar for EagleDeer
    so so so great! Thanks!
  • Avatar for Organicjoes
    just discovered them. very, very nice music
  • Avatar for juancho89
    holy shit this stuff is terrible
  • Avatar for groupiee
    i love this voice.
  • Avatar for andtigers
    i am pretty bored by this
  • Avatar for sOopahvi
    @girlsnotgrey - two of the members (including vocalist) are the same... plus new drummer.
  • Avatar for Zinmaru
    Crazy good album!
  • Avatar for girlsnotgrey
    is the hangin' nothin'... album really by the same band? because it just sounds completely different.. especially the voices..
  • Avatar for CandFood
    all of the spices and sweeteners used in their music make a delicious feast of an album. a feast that i will eat over and over again.
  • Avatar for IAmMyOwnDamnGod
    dig it. technicolor is the raddest.
  • Avatar for cnnorris
    sad that the rest of their tour is cancelled, i was going to see them next friday.
  • Avatar for hysiara
    yeah I know.. February 11 - warsaw. I'll be there ;)
  • Avatar for PapaParleone
  • Avatar for czakson69lukes
    Hysiara - they will be in poland
  • Avatar for hysiara
    genius... it would be NICE to see them live ;)
  • Avatar for thekallieshow
    follow up: these guys kill it live. KILL IT!!!
  • Avatar for thekallieshow
    saw these guys last year with maps & atlases and they were really chill & awesome live. apple's acre is a rad album and i can't wait to see them again, next week! yeehaw
  • Avatar for iamsofly
    i'm in love with these mountain men!!!
  • Avatar for noitseuq5
    i didnt know they had an older album, i downloaded it and its also great
  • Avatar for pritikina
    I really really gig these guys. They fit my personality to a tee. I love Lita and Technicolor.
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