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-Formed in Timisoara, Romania. Started as a jamming group. NU sound is a mix between traditional sounds/lines (the 'one key' type, stubborn way), improvised vocals and spacy electronics. Use of video during the performances creates a more special atmosphere. Influences are to be found in both Romanian and Asian folk music as well as in German krautrock. + 

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There are at least six bands with similar name: 1.NU (pronounced like 'noo'): Romanian psychedelic/ experimental collective, formed in 2001. On it will be reffered to as NU(RO). 2.ÑU (pronounced like 'new'): Spanish prog band - late 70s. 3.American band. 4. NU; A danish band, which released their one and only album, AlphaBravoShockpopDisco (produced by Michael Patterson (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck)), in 2003. The band broke up in february 2004, but the lead singer (Stine Jacobsen) went solo still under the same name, NU. 5-A Turkish alternative rock band widely famous for their hit "Konvoy" after it took place in a widely known series called Genco all over the country. 6. NU; A Dutch band with a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist/singer. Released one album up until now; 'Spider in a Web'.