• Charts - 17/2-24/2/08

    25 Feb 2008, 09:47 by Kapitankraut

    I'd hoped that last week would result in something other than the "Black Metal" tag taking first place, but it wasn't to be. Perhaps this week, then:

    10. Pelican
    Holy smoke, this is fantastic music. Entirely instrumental, and falling into that sort of "post-rock/post-metal" style that all the hep cats are listening to these days. Pelican are streets ahead of many of those groups, though, because they're actually prepared to write songs rather than just jam. I don't know quite why it is (possibly the heaviness of some of the riffs), but I actually find myself emotionally drained after listening to some of their stuff. Highly recommended, and a lot more accessible than I've made them sound.

    9. Joss Stone
    Something a bit different. Stone is the white British girl who belts out soul like a black American girl. She's possibly not quite as good as I remembered her being, particularly on the slower numbers, but put a full band behind her and she'll really work it. …