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Nozomi Sasaki (佐々木希, Sasaki Nozomi, born February 8, 1988) is a model from Akita, Japan. She is known for her many singles stemming from her new found musical career including popular FIT's tie-in song "Kamu to Funyan" and the ending for Belzebub “Papepipu ♪ Papipepu ♪ Papepipupo ♪“.
In 2010, she started her music career, debuting with the single "Kamu to Funyan" (噛むとフニャン) which featured rapper Astro and was used in the tie-in commercials for Lotte Fit's Chewing Gum. Sasaki's debut album Nozomi Collection was released on April 18, 2012.


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