• Dissing my Top 15, dissiiing my top 15

    29 Jul 2010, 16:15 by MKDELTA

    All the cool kids are doing stuff like this, yeah

    Nine Inch Nails - Trent can be too much of a drama king in every way and the later works are kinda too samey. Also, needs more kickass breaks like The Perfect Drug. And I hate you for stopping before I could see you live. >:(

    Front 242 - Make a new album already. And not click beats like Pulse. I want something muscular yet smart, like UP EVIL and OFF or the MorF stuff.

    Tarmvred - Everyone's been waiting for the new record for ages. What the hell happened??? Also, off-EP/album tracks with the recycled loops n' shit are reeeally hit or miss stuff.

    Godflesh - Most of the Pure-era semi-experimental stuff is rather bad and weird in a really crude way and Streetcleaner with it's excessive feedbackwank is overrated. Maybe the latter is more of a fault of the fans. And get together again and make a new, proper album with MACHINES, please. (noticing a pattern here?)

    Now Is Fish - You guys should have terrorized your hometown with…
  • Various Artists - Sane and Functional Mix

    23 Sep 2009, 19:21 by RaggaR

    A compilation collection of Finnish electronic music featuring MKDELTA, Now Is Fish, Jahvey, Individual8580, chronon, Outo Tuttava amd many many more! Yes, it's 100% FREE and FULLY DOWNLOADABLE.


    Electronic music from electronic friends
    Suprising aesthetic similarities abound
    8bits vs high fidelity
    pop versus nonpop
    Childlike experimentation
    with bleak and mechanic sounds
    cheap plastic and deep mystic tones
    …cathode ray children at play
    Music to journey to and journey into

    Track selection by Individual8580
    Tracks used on artists permission

    No-one will probably be insulted
    if you spread this all around the world

    Cover is a detail of “LSD Saddam” by Begga(R) (that's me)
  • Quick translations of some Now is fish track tittles

    24 Apr 2009, 10:38 by MKDELTA

    Since Now Is Fish makes track with mostly finnish track names I thought it could be nice to translate some of the names for all the non-finnish listeners and users. :) All the translations are aproximations and there are probably some alternative ways to translate them etc etc but I hope you get the general idea.

    vallankumouksen kannattajat saavat karkkia - The supporters of the revolution will get candy

    ei se pojat ja tytöt niin menny - Boys and girls it didn't go like that

    RiehumisLandia Suomenlahden itäosissa - RaveLand at the eastern parts of the Gulf of Bothnia

    irti muumeista - another challenging one, built around wordplay on the phrase "irti huumeista" which means quitting or dropping druq use. "muumeista" is take from the Moomin chracters (muumit in finnish). I suppose it could be translated as "Quit Moomins".

    tutustu tutustuttavaan tutun tuttuun - "tutustuttavaan" isn't really a real world as far as I know…