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November Növelet is a side-project of Haus Arafna. The sounding of November Növelet is different from Haus Arafna's with the more feminine outlook of their works, as Ms. Arafna is in control by doing the lead vocals.
The unique experiments with analogue sounds appropriate to the other Galakthorrö artists remain in their works.
November Növelet is the genetic cultural offspring of Haus Arafna. Shortly after the foundation of Haus Arafna in the early 'nineties, Mr. and Mrs. Arafna felt the need to breath life into a further project. This would be where ideas that didn't fit directly into the original concept envisaged for Haus Arafna could find their place. Their youthful innocence prevented them from realising in truth how difficult it would be to differentiate between two musical identities.
They appear however to have found a way: despite the natural dividing lines between the two projects, and how should one to deal with both the electronic and the compositorial aspects, November Növelet developed over time and crystallised into an Angst Pop with a tendency to Electro New Wave and so Haus Arafna could carefully deal with the industrial origins of Angst Pop.

November Növelet was to become dominated by the voice of Mrs. Arafna, interwoven in and around sad melodies, and dark synthesizer-pads emanating from instruments surviving from the stone-age of music-electronics. All is held together by stark minimalistic rhythms produced no less venerable drum computers. The result brings feelings hovering between melancholy and hope, with a field of intensity which also gets the feet tapping now and again. Discover the possibilities is the motto here, and through its combination of contrasts November Növelet has become a great favourite.

"More Satanic Heroes" – the first publication, in 1994, was quickly sold out at the time, and is much sort after today, as a collectors' item. The vinyl edition of the debut album issued in 1999, "From Heaven On Earth" enjoyed a similar fate – the unlimited CD version is still a hot number. The new album "Magic" is also something to pleased about, and in spite of the long wait, both critics and listening public have taken to it with relish.

Galakthorrö have released four records by November Növelet:
More Satanic Heroes 7'' EP ,
From Heaven On Earth
Sacred 7" EP .
Two tracks by November Növelet (Initially (Bluish Eyes) and In The Age Of Tears) had been added to the "Kosmoloko" compilation, released in 2004 on Galakthorrö.

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