• Musical Review On 2006

    30 Dec 2006, 18:40 by basserbeater

    Hi you all!
    The year is coming to its end and so I think it’s about time to write a new journal…maybe one that is more important than my last one and which might be more interesting…but I don’t think that this will be that difficult…so take your time and maybe get a cup of tea (coz coffee sucks!) and enjoy! (well at least I hope so) Or as to say it with the words of the singer of Tribute To Nothing: “Hello I’m Andi and I hope you enjoy my journal…if not I’m sorry!”
    Ok…anyways…first of all I want to apologize that I did not write for such a long time, but this has various personal reasons not really interesting to most of you guys that just want to read a silly summary of my musical year…so if one might really be interested just ask me in private and I’ll answer…the only thing I can say is that I listened to a lot of emo and stuff…looking back now I think it was too much sometimes…don’t get me wrong I still like emo in general but the bad thing about this genre is that it drags you down…
  • Nothing In Common

    6 Jan 2006, 01:27 by GoPunchRocks

    This is a brand new band from my home town and I want to help spread the word about them. At their homepage: here you can listen to some of thier songs. Please go to their artist page Nothing In Common to vote on the picture I uploaded. They sound very similar to Alkaline Trio and even Avenged Sevenfold. blink-182 was an influence on their sound. However, the blend they have created is an entirely original sound.