• The Most Melodic Solos/Songs...

    30 Apr 2009, 18:15 by Tharky

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a much more bigger archive now, but I am really too lazy to list all of the good songs in here. So I will no longer continue to add songs in here. Sorry everyone.***

    I choose songs from my archive only. But try them if you like melodic songs. I'm doing this because noone did it before (At least I haven't seen them doing). And here you go, the most melodic songs I have...

    Latest Changes: (23.04.2011)
    • Added more songs from my archive. I hardly get free time to update this journal.
    ->•AC/DC (3)
    ->•Arch Enemy (5)
    ->•As I Lay Dying (1)
    ->•Avenged Sevenfold (1 / Added some comments)
    ->•Blind Guardian (2)
    ->•Bon Jovi (2)
    ->•Children Of Bodom (5)
    ->•Dragonforce (1)
    ->•Dragonland (1)
    ->•Dream Evil (1)

    Will continue later...

    • Corrected some spelling mistakes.
    ->•Grammar mistakes...

    ('"*The Groan of Wind*"')

    Here they are :

    3 Doors Down
    (I know... But still it is melodic.)
    Here Without You
  • Survey...

    12 Jul 2006, 18:34 by darth_suicune

    MP3 Survey: Put your MP3 player on random and put the song that comes up as the answer


    How would you describe yourself: Norther - Going Nowhere
    How would your friends describe you?: Gamma Ray - Eagle
    Your family?: The Duskfall - Shoot It In
    Are you generous?: Runic - The Search
    Do you have a short temper?: Sonata Arctica - Wolf And Raven
    Are you a procrastinator?: (a WHAT?) Persuader - Raise Hell
    How do you feel about yourself?: Arch Enemy - Instinct
    How do you feel about others?: Forever Slave - The Letter
    What do you think of puppies/kittens?: Primal Fear - Evil Spell

    How would you describe your best friend?: Nightwish - Wanderlust
    What do you like to do with your friends?: Shades Of Dusk - Into The Abyss Of Torments
    Where is your favorite hangout?: Freedom Call - Island Of Dreams
    A phrase or word that would describe your group of friends: Rage - Innocent
    What do you say about your friends when they are not around?: Shades of Dusk - The Mournful Dawn Of Existence