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Nookicky was created by Full in 2001 after Guniw Tools disbanded as a side solo project. It quickly became a three-member band when Dinah and Zull were added to the mix. The name was thought of by putting together Nook (as in "corner") and kicky (as in "excited"). In 2003 Zull left the band, and U was introduced. At this time, Fuumi also joined as a support member for a few months. In early 2005, Dinah left to focus on her solo career. When the band stopped activities it consisted of Full on vocals and U on guitar.

Now, Nookicky is definitely not Guniw Tools. If you listen carefully you can catch the influnce that Full contributed to Guniw Tools, but if you're expecting it to be an extension then you might be surprised but hopefully not dissapointed. Over the past four years Nookicky has changed quite a bit. In the beginning the songs were a lot darker with distorted voices and eerie sounds while when listening to the newer albums everything seems lighter, with a touch of influence from Indian and Nepalese culture. This can be contributed to the transformations the band has gone through throughout the years. Yet despite all that, Nookicky still has a quite refreshing sound not like any other band out there.

Full has his solo project, SHILFEE AND TULIPCOROBOCKLES, as well as other projects such as TAFUCA, OCQ and Craftroom U7.
Zull was in The Candy Spooky Theater but left the band after USA gig in 2007.
Dinah is in Sound Dope.
U is in Kharn.

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