• Best of 10

    7 Jan 2011, 14:09 by Rastid

    I probably listened to more music in 2010 than I ever have before in one year. This year, there were ten albums that really stood out as incredible. There were also about fifty excellent EPs, 7”s, singles, and splits. The most notable thing, though, is just how many bands appear on this list multiple times. Specifically, nine different bands.

    Top 10 Albums of the Year:

    1. MixtapesMaps
    It's pretty hard to articulate exactly why this album is so great. It is one of the few album I love that relies heavily on slower songs. But the faster songs are still where it's at. I first listened to Nothing Can Kill The Grimace right before I had to go somewhere, and the one listen was enough to get it stuck in my head all day. Slash year.

    2. Screaming FemalesCastle Talk
    So this is probably their best album yet, which is impressive considering their last album, Power Move, was my album of the year last year. Now it's my third favorite of their albums. …