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There are at least eight artists with this name
1. A grind band from Turkey
2. A southern rock band from Germany
3. A thrash metal band from the Netherlands
4. A producer from the United States
5. A black metal band from Romania
6. A hard rock band from Northern Ireland
7. A black metal band from Finland
8. A black metal band from Chile

1. a turkish band with guitars played by Utku atalay. Nocturn is the only pure grind band in Izmir..

2. a band from Hamburg, Germany: www.nocturnband.de

3. a Dutch band from Eibergen. They released one full length Estranged Dimensions in 1991 through Old World Records.

4. the mighty producer from the Semiotics crew, returns in 2007 with a mighty disc of new beats that takes jazz, funk, soul and hip hop to a whole new level of damn fine goodness.

5. a band from Romania. Its style is alternating between raw and melodic. They have released in 2010 the "Impending Damnation" Ep . NocturN olso appears on the "Hell has no gate, yet man will dig to enter" CD along with Man Among Stars, Kandaon and Sigismund.

6. the 3-piece band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who released their debut EP, "Out Of The Blue" in 2008.

7. a finnish Black Metal band from Tampere. Formed in -95, but split-up.

8. a chilean black metal band, which has produced four releases since forming in 2006. http://www.myspace.com/nocturnart is the official band page.

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