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  • Avatar for A-W-A-X
    You're somebody 'til Nobunny loves you.
  • Avatar for unaccounted4
    The new video is top notch.
  • Avatar for Hard_Rain
    Nobunny is my hero
  • Avatar for BobRozga
    'i was on the bozo show' is killing me
  • Avatar for thisrdo
    u wot m8
  • Avatar for minowaye
    jesus christ what the fuck
  • Avatar for battleaxed
    czakson69lukes is mad as hell
  • Avatar for GRIMESZ
    he should start wearing a furry suit
  • Avatar for czakson69lukes
    I regret so much that I found them. The most annoying vocal I've ever heard .
  • Avatar for unaccounted4
    the new one is really good.
  • Avatar for examplecute
  • Avatar for cockkaw
    I'm so glad I found nobunny
  • Avatar for austinsunday
    Listen to the new Nobunny single Bye Bye Roxie here:
  • Avatar for ritesofspring
    Burger Records group
  • Avatar for wakebakeskate
  • Avatar for JLWTF
    Similar artists:
  • Avatar for flowersonthewal
    inspired by the crazy NOBUNNY! HELL YA! :) hehe
  • Avatar for MarcyStooge
    Hocus Pocus! The lord of garage and rock'n'roooooooll!!
  • Avatar for EDplan
  • Avatar for rampface
    girls in the eighties TEENAGE ROYALTY 2012
  • Avatar for skeletonbone
    not really a review, more of an article/rant on the current state of music and art. Inspired by the new Nobunny release.
  • Avatar for staywaivy
  • Avatar for Telefonfobi
    La la love you and Maximum Rock'n'roll reviewed over @ (Swedish)
  • Avatar for getbentblog
    Rock ‘n’ roll comes in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s gawky, tall, and awkward (maybe even a little sensitive) or sometimes it’s half naked, bunny faced, and sporting a teeny tiny leather jacket. We all know who I’m talking about and he’s released a new 7” via Suicide Squeeze that gives us what we’re always hunting for: garage-style rock n’ roll, with a sweet, tender, pop side. Listen to a track:
  • Avatar for chuche7787
    What krossa5 just said.
  • Avatar for willywonka091
    maximumrocknroll ep's gonna rip
  • Avatar for zackawii
    la la la la love the new track! can't wait for the maximum rock n roll EP
  • Avatar for krossa5
    I realy like this. Normaly i just listen to Hardcorepunk and Crustpunk and stuff like that for the most. But Nobunny kicks as with hes Rock n roll-punk! Sorry for the bad english, im swedish..
  • Avatar for JapaneseScream
    Can't believe it took me so long to listen to Raw Romance. It sounds so different from Love Visions and First Blood, but is a great stripped down album.
  • Avatar for fucckker
    Amazing band!!!
  • Avatar for Vomnik
    One of the most fun shows i've been to.
  • Avatar for interpersonalny
    the best
  • Avatar for OHkelsey
    He played in my basement. Super rad.
  • Avatar for kwokwokwo
    Пиздец мороз, круто ,нормальная для секса резкого тема))
  • Avatar for WhiteZander
  • Avatar for nmbarich
    Too Fucking Good.
  • Avatar for EyesAndNines
    Nobunny puts on a sick live show. Everyone should see these dudes at least once
  • Avatar for Mattimeoo ^^ 7 live videos from NOBUNNY in Detroit. They cover some Sneaky Pinks, Hunx and his punx, and some gentleman jesse! Killed it, awesome show.
  • Avatar for nightman_cometh
    Saw him live for the first time the other night, consider me a fan. Great show.
  • Avatar for Knz_
  • Avatar for kidnapjesus
    So. Good.
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    awesome... lol
  • Avatar for Mattimeoo
    I shot some video of Nubunny playing a hunx and his punx cover of you don't like rock n roll in Detroit a while back, thought you guys might like it because they straight up kill it. Didn't see it on here anywhere, so here ya go: Enjoy!
  • Avatar for frankenchick
    best show of all eternity
  • Avatar for burgerrecords
    out now on burger records, it's... NOBUNNY - FIRST BLOOD (CASS) 250 tapes pressed (100 red / 150 clear) AWESOME GARAGE PUNK POP ALBUM #2 FROM THE FURRY ONE!!! released in association with Goner Records!!!
  • Avatar for evokateur
    "the flop that doesn't stop"
  • Avatar for MYcatsNAMEisSIL
    come to victoria!!
  • Avatar for kelseyautumn
    Pittsburgh show was SO FUN.
  • Avatar for Kovaly
    PIttsburgh show review. Was great!
  • Avatar for JordieeB
    Come to Florida. :|


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