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  • Avatar for timmyc1983
    This song is a masterpiece! I'm absolutely guttered I have only just discovered them :( this whole album is great!!! Better late than never I guess :D
  • Avatar for abunono
    However, your own blood I will require from the hand of all animals will I require it, and from the hand of man, from the hand of his brother will I require the life of man. (1st Moses 9:5 SCH2000)
  • Avatar for bertRocraM
    Haha, wrong Song. :D
  • Avatar for DexterMorganYum
    song wrong. MISTAGGED
  • Avatar for CodeFarmer
    Take control! Get with the feeling! Take control of my open heart! Ohhhh, brand new staaaaaart
  • Avatar for letoiledunord
    I actually had the wrong song (that is currently playing) stuck in my head a few days ago. It was horrible.
  • Avatar for bubidginator
    I want to banish this to the darkest depths of hell but I'm concerned that if I ban it, then it will also limit the amount of REAL Noah and the Whale that I get to hear. Tricky, Very tricky.
  • Avatar for letoiledunord
    mmm. back to the good stuff (for the moment).
  • Avatar for cgibs
    omg haha!!! this is not the track that I meant to "Love" apparently!!!
  • Avatar for sufjanatic_93
    i hear the shins here
  • Avatar for barbwiireee
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH why did it do that..
  • Avatar for w14477
    what the.....?
  • Avatar for Con-dog
    hahahahaha the version is so fucked up! I find it to be quite hilarious :p I love NatW btw :)
  • Avatar for ayenicole
    this is the worst song last has ever streamed
  • Avatar for letoiledunord
    hahahaha. Oh my. Change it back, please.
  • Avatar for superherosara
  • Avatar for venkel
    lol, karaoke
  • Avatar for scottdoesntknow
    beautiful song. i shed a tear just about every time i hear the ending.
  • Avatar for TweeLittleThing
    This is NOT Noah and the Whale!
  • Avatar for justiceforsoup
    what is this!?!?! it's dreadful!
  • Avatar for jaymann23
    does it remind me of much but definitly gives me hope much like a sunny day
  • Avatar for Wickle_Man
    wrong song guys
  • Avatar for mrbartle
    oh bi crikey what the devil's this?
  • Avatar for djangoclouds
    Something is wrong here! I know this song - I have the album but it just came up on the radio and it's not the right song - whatever the hell it is it does sound like a cat doing karaoke whilst being beaten - this is definitley not the right track!
  • Avatar for pc0cky
    what the fuck, it sounds like my cat doing kareokee whilst being beaten.
  • Avatar for eucharist
    this broke my heart into a million pieces.
  • Avatar for fragment_juno
  • Avatar for myheads2thewall
    I had no idea this feeling would evaporate from me just pressing play\, this is the first I have heard & if I could say one thing to the band I would say – keep with the big beats behind every so often – it makes my heart melt & I feel kinda funny where I shouldn’t :P Raaaaaaaaaaa they just did it again – I’m a fan for life
  • Avatar for ketch_mackay
    great band, great song
  • Avatar for pipadump
    oun *.*
  • Avatar for imyouronlyhope
    i love this song... it captures loveliness
  • Avatar for PandaGetSad
    great sound ♥
  • Avatar for retocosmos
    wanting to see them, when ? no idea !
  • Avatar for Evills
    Yep I agree. And if you ever get to see Noah and the Whale live - do it! They're even better than their album xx
  • Avatar for Vanns_Hope
  • Avatar for RobertFrobisher
    indeed, it is..
  • Avatar for LonesBones
    it is beautiful ..
  • Avatar for soaked2thebone
    okay, i'll be the first to say: this song is beautiful.

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