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NoMeansNo are a band originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and now located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The band have never had, or have ever seemed to pursue, strong mainstream success, but they do have a devoted underground following in North America and Europe. They tour fairly often on both continents and maintain a dedicated fan base.

The band was formed in 1979 by brothers Rob Wright (bass…

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  • i have almost the same opinion, Mr Junior
  • I could never get into Mission of Burma at all [2]
  • I could never get into Mission of Burma at all. They're one of those artists like... I dunno, Elvis Costello, who many people I know or have known say is great and just leaves me completely cold. At least Mission of Burma just bores me to tears instead of making me want to destroy my own ear drums with a rusty screwdriver ala Elvis Costello. I don't particularly care for Gang of Four either and never found any of their albums to live up to the effusive praise heaped upon them. "Ether" is one of my favorite Punk/Post-Punk songs though, strangely. Anyway, NMN rules and I would be tickled pink if they were to put out a new album.
  • GoF having one amazing album that vastly outshines everything else they ever made still puts them tectonic plates ahead of MoB who never poked their nose past mediocrity.
  • punk isn't boring!!!
  • vvv actually Mission of Burma kicks ass, and Gang of Four went down the toilet after their third album. so NMN > MOB > GOF (I still like Entertainment and Solid Gold but those are the only good albums they put out) "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" is pretty good, but have you heard "Trem Two" or "Einstein's Day"? Those are their best tunes.
  • also NMN kicks ass.
  • "is Mission of Burma the American NoMeansNo?? " no. mission of burma is the american gang of four. they are MUCH worse than either NMN or GoF. however 'that's when i reached for my revolver' is an alright track
  • Sex Mad/You Kill Me or Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy? are my favs, but all their albums are excellent. (Not a fan of the album with Jello though, that's mostly Jello being annoying)
  • be strong be wrong

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