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  1. Plague Rages is a grindcore band from São Paulo, Brazil, formed in 1996.

  2. The band PREY OF CHAOS was formed in March 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, after the end of the band Catanduvense TERROR SCUM, formed by: Nathan on…

  3. Expurgo is a goregrind band from Brazil.

    Egon - Vocals
    Philipe "Impregsmário" - Vocals, Guitar
    Bruno "Rachacuca" - Bass
    Anderson "O CBT"…

  4. thebleedingalarm formed in 2003, band members are:
    Scott - Vocals
    Jens - Guitar & Vocals
    Chris - Guitar
    Paul - Bass & Vocals
    Tim - Drums

  5. Entombed were not the first Swedish band to be signed to Earache - that honour goes to Falun's first and indeed, finest, grindcore band- Filthy…

  6. Hutt is a grindcore band from São Paulo, Brazil.

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. Caio Augusttus - Vocals
    Estevam Romera - Guitars
    Maria Piti - Bass
    Ricardo Nutzmann - Drums
    Bruno Leandro - Guitars…

  9. Antipop is

    1) One of the members of Télépopmusik , also known as Christophe Hetier

    2)a grindcore band from Bali, Indonesia. performed in 2001.…

  10. Extreme Noise Terror, once praised as a crust punk/grindcore band, then known as a death metal/grindcore band, and now again returned to the…

  11. Wecamewithbrokenteeth was a cybergrind band formed in Kansas, US in 2005. members included Bob, Mike, Kelly and Nikki. They made their music…

  12. The band was born in July of 1999 with the clear intention to bring back the main characteristics from the scene of its State in the beginning of…

    Subversive by Nature. This is the concept that better describes the grindcore / mincecore of SIEGE OF HATE.…

  14. Putrid Offal was a deathgrind band from France formed in 1991. They released 4 albums; Exulceration/Putrid Offal split, Putrid Offal/Agathocles…

  15. Höchstädt, Bavaria, Germany 1989

    Last known line-up
    Bernd Spring - Bass & Vocals (since 1993 active with Deep)
    Max - Drums
    Kreso - Guitar &…

  16. Old School Grindcore from New Orleans, Louisiana.

  17. grindcore / mincecore band started in 1996 and until active. They are four musicians from Belém (Brasil) and have released several recordings, with…

  18. O' CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN! was a band from PITTSBURGH, PA but is now fucking dead. RIP RIP gone but never fucking forgotten

    i miss you davey.

  19. Diagnose is a political crustgrind band that formed 1997 in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.

    - Desordem Capital (Demo, 1998)
    - Organicamente…


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