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Similar Artists

  1. Knife Hits Music Collective


    As hood as it gets.

  2. Kortland, Bailey, Ward, Turner, Beattie, Wilkinson.

  3. There are four known artists with the name Beartrap:

    1. StraightxEdge hardcore punk / powerviolence band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


  4. Powerviolence dream team. Features Andy from No Comment, Matt from Infest and Bob from Lack of Interest.

    The Product #1 7''…

  5. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  6. SQRM is a hardcore band from Western Massachusetts. The band delivers a seething down-tempo assault following massive blasts and thunderous…

  7. Powerviolence band from Austin, TX.


    Discography to date:

    Chest Pain Tape -…

  8. Sick/Tired is a real fast fucking grindcore band

  9. Nazi Dust is a hardcore band from Tampa, Florida.

  10. Mehkago N.T. started in 2006 with the sole intention of taking a shit on everybody and everything in this programmed society. Bunch of dirty ass…

  11. 1) Eddie Brock is a hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. They are all nerds. RIP, 2009-2013.

  12. Furious hardcore/powerviolence from Oakland, CA. Includes (ex-)members of Dead and Gone, Talk Is Poison and Look Back and Laugh.

  13. Asshole Parade is a hardcore punk/thrash band from Gainesville, Florida with an aggressive style of playing that brings in influences primarily from…

  14. Str8 outta Michigan.

  15. "Alex, Jon and I wrote and recorded all the songs on this classy little platter a while back. THIS IS NOT A SPLIT! Splits are over. This is all three…

  16. Powerviolence from Montreal, Canada.

    Reminiscent of first wave powerviolence bands such as Infest, Crossed Out & No Comment.

    Members play in…

  17. There are three bands with this name.

    1) Pulverizing hardcore/punk band from Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC.


  18. There is more than one artist using this name.

    Cyborg is a electronic/industrial band from Macedonia.

    1. Cyborg is a grind/powerviolence band from…

  19. Soul Swallower is a Wrecking Ball of Destructive Hardcore and Powerviolence hailing from Boston. Swallow hard assholes.


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