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  • Avatar for ariel_brendon
    The end of this song <3
  • Avatar for St8of_Emergency
  • Avatar for chilledvondub
    Too good
  • Avatar for blestprune
    push to the max
  • Avatar for joykgs
    "Permanecer sentados, por favor."
  • Avatar for Farkasok
    Their best song.
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
  • Avatar for DukeGloucester
    LOVE this song.
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for SalvameElito
    but what an ending for the record <3
  • Avatar for Metal-Kathy86
    I was 10 years old when this song was released - happy youth ☆☆☆
  • Avatar for SharpasKnives
    Killer finale
  • Avatar for tlukes123
    Rad song, haven't heard this one in ages.
  • Avatar for Schwarzohr
  • Avatar for pharmman52
    a classic album
  • Avatar for spiteface
    Best prog rock epic by a band with nothing to do with the genre.
  • Avatar for ShredMyFace
    I typically listen to metal...but you cannot deny how amazing this song is...what a great band.
  • Avatar for FIL1994
    sounds like a faith no more song
  • Avatar for Scotty_Rossdale
    Muitoo legal
  • Avatar for NathanCorsini
    This song is magical, love it. Hope they perform it live again someday!
  • Avatar for YauchieJo
    Stefani always had that fashion thing going even before they made it big. I really am not surprised she ended up doing all of the glam solo stuff. Now I didn’t say I liked it but I accepted it because she still is a sweetheart. Good news is that No Doubt are coming BACK! Another great song off an amazing record!
  • Avatar for burgundycape
    Simply Awesome =D
  • Avatar for BackNDaDay90
    One of my favorite songs growing up.
  • Avatar for tonystuff
    i always love this album vary of my most favorite almubs too listin too....
  • Avatar for Earendil1
    one of the few good things in the 90s
  • Avatar for AxlRd25
    This is great.
  • Avatar for chudo-shapka
    сильная весчь.
  • Avatar for themagicalx1
    > Spiderwebs by so much
  • Avatar for Wesbecher
    EPIC - I remember getting chills and playing this track into the ground back in the day. (P.S. Anyone find it eerie that three posters have been simponized!? WEIRD)
  • Avatar for Im_Just_A_Girl
    Why haven't I commented on this one? It's one of my favorites ever <3
  • Avatar for Elementree1
    YO POSITIVE PEOPLE!! If you like No Doubt and Rock/Reggae/Dancehall/Ska with a concious message please check out our music. We are a fresh new band out of Cincinnati Ohio, genre bending music and a message that must be heard. Just out of the studio with NO DOUBTS producer "Dito Godwin" Our last fm page is: Our myspace page is: Feel our music
  • Avatar for vangelicmonk
    Classic 90's kills classic 60s, 70s, 80s, and soon to be 00s. ;)
  • Avatar for drewmozson
  • Avatar for hurri
    i gotta cover this song in a metal version.
  • Avatar for ashleighhd
    I can't believe they played this live the other night!
  • Avatar for boingocure
    Cinnamon toast and tacos pour some more ;-)
  • Avatar for Dragoonz1993
    sweeet ^_^
  • Avatar for KayzerS
    when lady stefani were still a good musician, not the diva she become over the past years... a pity :0(
  • Avatar for SimpleChapeau
    Old school No Doubt rules.
  • Avatar for genjadeshade
    I ALWAYS think about Disney World when I listen to this one. Mmm No Doubt.
  • Avatar for schwarzemadchen
    no doubt... xq se separaron!!! ahora Gwen no es lo mismo...
  • Avatar for vero18
    q buena eras Gwen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (enMAYUSCULAS)
  • Avatar for Rayanata
    Gwen...I want a baby with you :-)
  • Avatar for emily_briones
    k recuerdos , outch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woou
  • Avatar for stephiesama
    This has been one of my favorite songs since I was a kid. I remember I had a little boom box that I played the tape on, and I'd rewind from the end of tape to this song and listen over and over...
  • Avatar for CiNSaLaBiN
    NO DOUBT, es la mejor banda del mundoo!!!!! Buena canción, como todas.. :)
  • Avatar for I_See_sound
    This song reminds me of Disney Land~
  • Avatar for rafaelbc
    I like the little Star Wars ending of the song :)
  • Avatar for Yoshizenhow
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for taricke
    my fave no doubt song of all time...


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