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  • Avatar for Plastinaca
    "Muscle and hate!" Awersome.
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Goes without saying, but Die Krupps' new album is fucking awesome. V - Metal Machine Music
  • Avatar for hrenopod
  • Avatar for be_quiet_peter
    I have to say, I tried my best to get into these guys over the years w/no success - but Basic Pain Procedure has some fucking incredible moments. It's a shame it was out of print for so many years.
  • Avatar for Toma400
    I find all these lyrics about self-improvement and self-control actually very clever and inspiring. [2] And this industrial project is also one of the best, but it needs a little dig into to find it very good industrial act.
  • Avatar for Nihil227
    Behind all the gay workout addicts thing, I find all these lyrics about self-improvement and self-control actually very clever and inspiring.
  • Avatar for maryeon
    They're the fcking best.
  • Avatar for manu36vlcia
    impresionante temon..........
  • Avatar for Foresterregn
    Love it.
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    S H A M E
  • Avatar for loglover7
  • Avatar for Fishzerg
    I don't think Basic Pain Procedure even is EBM, you will have to go looking into early industrial punk and maybe some neue deutshce welle
  • Avatar for unrein777
    @L57NT: You might like D.A.F and early Pouppee Fabrikk.
  • Avatar for c70
    Where is the youth ?
  • Avatar for NagatoGen
    Go Beyond Death
  • Avatar for rprodrigues
    principal ouvinte (4ª colocação) em 05fev2014
  • Avatar for L57NT
    Please recommend me some old school EBM in the vein of "Basic Pain Procedure"
  • Avatar for lordmakin
    Dark Souls 2 !!
  • Avatar for sewertroll
    So uh, the charts? The fuck?
  • Avatar for loukinz1
  • Avatar for AlexanderTheIII
  • Avatar for GoWithTheFlowXD
    'warsaw ghetto' <3
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Good place to start if you're new to industrial dance / EBM
  • Avatar for mrgypsum
    TTA and belief are classic
  • Avatar for Bat-von-Dead
  • Avatar for sillyselkie
    let your body learn.
  • Avatar for circuit134
  • Avatar for Troglodyta___
    New Depeche Mode is boring, new SPETSNAZ deserves mention if you like EBM [2]
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    New Depeche Mode is boring, new SPETSNAZ deserves mention if you like EBM
  • Avatar for bloody_octopus
    not bad
  • Avatar for Jason1087
    You wanna suck it... Down on your kness... Hit you back... I think even Nitzer Ebb isn't a gay icon he should be adored by all men. ja ja ja ja
  • Avatar for El-Nido
    Nitzer ebb, hell of a band.
  • Avatar for KonfetnajaDusha
    thumbs up
  • Avatar for etherealmoment
    cyberpunk, lol
  • Avatar for Andru1990
    Kill Your Friends is absolutely good/ McCarthy did a masterpiece
  • Avatar for Alfredo_Poo
    Come Alive!
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    Industrial Complex had some killer tracks [2] "Some" being the key word there.
  • Avatar for zelenysh
    Various Artists "Alan Wilder Parallels" (1989-2012) Enjoy!
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    For Nitzer Ebb fans - Get It (And One, Treibwerk EP) - - I just had to post this again! You'll thank me
  • Avatar for NurVerzweiflung
    This is what EBM should sound like. Too much of this club friendly popish hoovery trancey crap nowadays.
  • Avatar for sewertroll
    I don't think the newer ones are alot better, at least after the 90's.. (And those bands were kinda between ebm and electro-industrial). Anyway, i think the newer ones have better gear, not more complex songs.
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    [url=]ONE BY ONE YOU TORREE MY DREAMS AWAY![/url] - Nitzer Ebb's Douglas McCarthy on new And One EBM e.p. NICE!!!
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    When I think of music that epitomizes the cyberpunk genre, I think of two bands: Skinny Puppy and Nitzer Ebb.
  • Avatar for Spacebel
  • Avatar for petrik007
    just simply Electronic Body Music
  • Avatar for lowgod666
    i love that sound
  • Avatar for shelleytakeabow
    @MKDELTA: EBM is Electronic Body Movement (at least I'm pretty sure that's what it stands for!) ;)
  • Avatar for MKDELTA
    I don't think EBM stands for Electronic Black Metal
  • Avatar for Gusbreslauer
    Band of the century
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Industrial Complex had some killer tracks


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