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Something in the Way (3:52)


  • Great Song!!!
  • nirvana's studio versions are usually better to me too.
  • Love it.
  • NIRVANA!!!
  • This is the unplugged version, to whoever was complaining they didn't like that one...I prefer the studio version myself too
  • beautiful...
  • favorite.
  • mattDMBFan....me too...great freakin song...says alot..
  • Wanna know how i feel listen to this
  • pq é assim !é trste perde as coisas boas!!!
  • es lastima que se matara pero creo que cuando muera lo vere actuar y le apoyare al maximo
  • Look out below...nothing better.
  • best possible end to an album
  • this is the jarhead OST...!! really gre8... i didnt realise it till i heard 'mmmmmm' :D gre8 sng!!
  • omg the Unplugged version with the live strings is superb!
  • vegetarianism undertone? hahahaaa. sarcastic pescetarian advocation? I joke... Kurt was something else, our last genius... still waiting for the next.
  • You can nearly feel the pain, anger, sadness, depression and despair in this song... but the Unplugged version is really bad, I rather believe the've never played it like that. There is a good old heavy version, though... you can find it in a bootleg compilation called 'Into The Black - Disc 1 - Ultra Rare Demos & Sessions'.
  • /me shivers
  • I never really liked nirvana...I still don't, but every time I feel depressed, guilty or just sick on the inside, I listen to this and just close my eyes.
  • My friend told me it was about when Kurt was kicked out of his home and he started to live from friends house to friends house and at one point underneath a bridge. But his friends say he just spent a lot of time under the bridge not actually living there.
  • does anyone know what this song means, like lyrics-wise?
  • haunting
  • yeah...
  • ♥♥♥
  • Tarp, not tap.
  • something in the waaayy.... hmmmm.......
  • Something in the way, yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • Amazing!!
  • Probably my fave song ever.
  • one of their best songs <3.
  • i was never a big nirvana fan, but this song is really great. it gives me chills...
  • If one more wannabe nirvana hardcore purist type attempts to argue that Nirvana music shouldnt be used in soundtracks for some bullshit reason like It's disrespectful to kurt, I'm going to rip off their toes and shove them so far into their eardrums that they'll never be able to hear kurt again. Okay? Okay. Oh and This song Is #1 on my charts by the way.
  • Yeah it was suprising that this was in Jarhead.
  • made me love the film that bit more
  • Sounded awesome in the huge theater speakers...the song really soaks through when it's cranked with a good system.
  • Sure as hell did. What a cool surprise actually.


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