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    ♣ ☆ ★ ღ ♫ ღ ★ ☆ ♣
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  • Avatar for psicom
    Yea best on the album imo.
  • Avatar for megatron_bison
    Probably the best song on Year Zero - Vessel and Me, I'm Not were excellent too but I think this edges them out.
  • Avatar for IColdEmbraceI
  • Avatar for AliceDamnation
    Makes me want to bang my head against the wall, in the best way possible! :D
  • Avatar for kissesneverdie
    Trent is powerful, whether he whispers or not.
  • Avatar for kangurusergio
    what a great song. the whispers are just powerful.
  • Avatar for nicolenicky
  • Avatar for Insane_Irony
    Just found the hidden picture in the mp3 spectrogram today completely on accident, startled the shit out of me
  • Avatar for jaclynx
    why yes, trent, i will marry you.
  • Avatar for bdk1184
  • Avatar for 6sic6
    LOVE it
  • Avatar for RickLip
    "Our blood will stay" - most powerful lines on the whole record ... well, exclude Zero-Sum, it's got better quotes than this. :D
  • Avatar for ethanede
    yeah, nothing about this song makes me want to fuck.
  • Avatar for Zealant
    Yeah, this is a great song, but I don't see myself wanting to fuck to it, ok.
  • Avatar for Danielcarmoo
    There's a lot of violence in my heart.
  • Avatar for thekillingspree
    ... And to "get jiggy" with it. Awesome track, my favourite from Year Zero! <3
  • Avatar for Morrisyn
    Good song to "get down" to.
  • Avatar for TerrierChad
    This tune is just epic!
  • Avatar for subiwatson
    This song makes me think of an alien invasion or the end of the world. So if any of that kind of stuff does happen in my time, I'm running to this computer and blasting this song...
  • Avatar for Distilled_mind
    sick tune
  • Avatar for davidgoosey
    on hands and knees...
  • Avatar for mjata
    love this song!
  • Avatar for Deadaim357
    Art Is Resistance people.
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  • Avatar for Kimberly-Jade
    this bullethole is where my compassion used to be...there is violence in my heart. That is such a wicked line
  • Avatar for Kimberly-Jade
    love, love, fucking love this song...
  • Avatar for Volren
    on hands and knees, we crawl.
  • Avatar for freakystyley89
  • Avatar for spencer_henry
    trent performs such a great vocal in this song
  • Avatar for BigFil359
    ale miesza
  • Avatar for PandaVamp
    Trent has the sexiest voice... ♥
  • Avatar for je-di
    ouahhh genial !
  • Avatar for Kimberly-Jade
    mmmmmmmm, Trent <3 he is a fucking genious
  • Avatar for dc1976
    THE MAN " ...YOU CAN NOT STOP US ALL..." but You can make us all "move"...
  • Avatar for YamiJoey40K
    bruceprokopets: This is one of the most recent albums. o.O ~ YJ
  • Avatar for tezalizard
    Distinctly remember having moved to Toronto the year Pretty Hate Machine was released and seeing him at Dance Cave...... such great memories
  • Avatar for chumangol
    Grande NIN vuelvan a Chile!!!!!
  • Avatar for bruceprokopets
    what a great hook. I miss this hooky shit he used to write
  • Avatar for OliverTho
  • Avatar for CDuG
    It's about the rebellion/uprising in the fictional world of Year Zero. The victims becoming fed up and fighting back.
  • Avatar for noctis333
    Who does this song talk about?
  • Avatar for handthatfeeds
    "I always have NIN in the car. ALWAYS." ... me too. This song is truely awesome.
  • Avatar for CDuG
    I always have NIN in the car. ALWAYS.
  • Avatar for e1ena29
    love this man. love his music. don't think i've ever left home without some nin on the mp3 (or cd back in the day).
  • Avatar for Seph7
    I've just attempted a remix of this song let me know what you think.


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