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  • Good minimal song! But not for all NIN's fans ...
  • This is the best song on the remix album. Just love it.
  • SKIP!
  • minimal tech house. not to everybody's liking but hey... wtf.
  • :/
  • Rubbish.
  • they should have renamed this to 'no, it's not'
  • this is fucking terrible
  • hmm on second thought, while this may or may not be the intended effect, it feels like a good build up, with 'another version of the truth,' to the penultimate last tracks.
  • can't believe i just listened to this whole track. don't get me wrong though, i love nin.
  • imo its good, not great. 7/10
  • mhhh... i reconsider... this song is not a nice minimal-house song. its a strange, way too long minimal-house song. and yes, it has nothing to do with the orinigal and takes 14 minutes on the album. very dissapointing! especially because i love THE KNIFE and i hoped 4 something more interesting from Olo Dreijer :(
  • Drug Trip!
  • ambient ftw!
  • i love nine inch nails, saul williams and especially trent reznors open minded musical taste! its a nice minimal-house-track. but its absolutely not my favourite on Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D. anyway, i love the new remix-album! and by the way: i dont think that has anything to do with teasing.. jacinto *G* whatever, take it or leave it ;)
  • Ah, and At The Heart Of It All + The Beauty Of Being Numb were also remixes which had nothing in common with their originals. Anyway, I consider them being the best songs on FDTS.
  • As you may listen to this song some more, it will grow on you, prejudiced peers. I like it. The bass owns. It's not even too long despite the fact of being the longest song ever released on any official NIN record. :D
  • You, You're NOT...like Me, I'm not. eww, worst song
  • This made me want to hurt myself.
  • It's a very good minimal house track, i like it. But this doesn't sounds like a NIN remix. it's reasonalbe NIN fans doesn't like it. Probably trent thinks it's a good way to tease NIN fan. In fact, i never liked saul williams.
  • Kn8
    I just don't get this mix... Boring, long, and has nothing to do with original :( Still wondering how this track could have made it onto a cd.
  • it has nothing in common with the original. and when i said nothing i really meant notafuckingthing. such a disappointment...
  • Oh my God, it never ends.
  • this remix is a crap copy of the great original.... :'-(


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