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Nine Inch Nails

Down In It (3:46)


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  • lol.
  • Rip off Skinny Puppy's - Dig It!
  • plainly unskipable track just for the nanananananana closer
  • I love this song
  • bangin'
  • boring
  • I always hear "Just then a tiny little dog caught my eye" (and often pretend those are the real lyrics and sing along accordingly) Also took me too long to figure its "up above it" not "like a puppet" ^^; Maybe there's something wrong with my ears but I'm a fount of NIN-mondegreens... nindegreens?
  • rain rain go away
  • I wish NIN was this goofy more often.
  • industrial southern rock
  • i was feelin some feelings you wouldn't believe
  • this song is unbearably silly
  • this album is a master paece
  • Great song
  • always feel the need to make my boyfriend bump this in his truck. uh.
  • SHUT UP!!!
  • This song is awesome, despite it sounding terribly dated. :)
  • @Beau: Trent has admitted this himself. He even called it a rip off, lol.
  • I love this song but I cant help but lol at Trents scream near the end
  • La letra tiene que ver con el estado actual de las cosas. Se corrobora la frase Todo Tiempo Pasado fue Mejor. Industrial depresivo de un pasado con presente, de un presente sin futuro.
  • OK, I'm trolling, but occasionally I get this odd feeling that this is my favourite NIN song by a large margin. It's a silly feeling but I can't help it :/
  • Trent kind of peaked with this song.
  • I don't think it's a direct rip off now, but it obviously bears resemblances and similarites. Great, great song. Industrial pop.
  • Rain rain go away. Come again some other day.
  • First song Trent ever wrote. Such a rip off of Skinny Puppy's "Dig It". Heavily influenced by it. But it's still good.
  • At first i was like :Meh. Then i was like: MOAR. Funky song [2]
  • крутая репчина
  • Ugh.
  • Nice song but not my favorite of PHM
  • classic NIN, yummy
  • God i love that one
  • refren: "jestem pojebany!" :D
  • i used to be so big and strong. i used to know my right from wrong. i used to never be afraid. i used to be somebody!
  • Trent Reznor. Packs awesome sauce...in a picnic basket.
  • :)))
  • niii ni ni ni ni ni ninini niii!!
  • At first i was like :Meh. Then i was like: MOAR. Funky song
  • So very cool! It hasn't aged ONE BIT! ;)
  • lol this is just so awesome o.o
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air anyone??
  • Really good classic NIN song. I recomend too the Tiga's cover of it, he's turned the song on a sweet & dark eletronic song
  • haha i love this song.
  • At first I didn't like it so much, but now... I f****ng love it!
  • My fav track, and the most under-rated one too.
  • i used to be somebody
  • rainn rainnnn go awayy come again some other dayyyy
  • I used to know my right from wrong.
  • One of their bests


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