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  • Avatar for NamTkn
    This is more like it!
  • Avatar for MainlyLost
    Great weightlifting song!
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Your loss Bjorn.
  • Avatar for SasukeJJ
  • Avatar for BjornMacMorn
    This is when I stopped following NIN.
  • Avatar for truebelief
    this song is amazing, fuck!
  • Avatar for EccentricFin
    tap tap revenge introduced me to him loong ago <3
  • Avatar for Trixilver
    If there is a person on this planet that doesn't like this song I haven't met 'em.
  • Avatar for halcy-on
  • Avatar for Memphreak
    this beat is too sick
  • Avatar for fenix9206
    Fringe <3
  • Avatar for RandyRamadhani
    once i heard this song, I CANNOT STOP MYSELF !!!!
  • Avatar for Mechayoshi
    love the vocals
  • Avatar for psiche0
    So damn sexy....!
  • Avatar for cyphers_rail
    its neis
  • Avatar for devision6
  • Avatar for olyb12
    why do i NEVER get tired of NIN?
  • Avatar for MainlyLost
    Great workout song!
  • Avatar for Clonat-B73
    Mag ja Reznor ... °
  • Avatar for The_last_Ramone
    Amazing Song, best of The Slip I dare say.
  • Avatar for zero000000000
    classic NIN formula
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Digging the drumming.
  • Avatar for elciscokid
    mosh disco!
  • Avatar for Force59
    good one fer shure
  • Avatar for Jami111
    the best
  • Avatar for linkntinks
    I cannot stop myself!!!
  • Avatar for linkntinks
    I need ur dicipline ;0)
  • Avatar for linkntinks
    Id like to sit and exchange thoughts with Trent and the guys someday!!!
  • Avatar for alkattrazz
    извините за мой французский...это просто ОКУЕННО
  • Avatar for Lando_Land
    This song is let-down sequell to Closer. I would be happy to discipline/dom Trent any time tho
  • Avatar for lasziv
    NIN! One of my favorite bands! Good song!
  • Avatar for IColdEmbraceI
    Better without vocals? I disrespectfully disagree douche
  • Avatar for niceverdict
    I need discipline. seriously... Once I start, I cannot stop myself.
  • Avatar for niceverdict
    See, if this is played in clubs ,.. people would be jumping and dancing. BAH :D
  • Avatar for Sprittlex
    would be better without the vocals
  • Avatar for linkntinks
    This was my daughters 1st concert, she was still in my womb about 4 weeks away from her due-date heehee... She loved the concert :)
  • Avatar for linkntinks
    Saw them live in 2009 :) IT was awesome-ness ;0)
  • Avatar for BenjiMetal
    quite a catchy song
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    Man, I really wish Nine Inch Nails were still together. =(
  • Avatar for Senefera
    mmm.. love love love!
  • Avatar for Bub_Clifton
    One of the best NIN singles for sure.
  • Avatar for crimson-phantom
    Long live Saint Trent of Reznor! :D
  • Avatar for ravenpryde
    love this song. although i must say i love the version that was released before 'the slip' coz it was 12seconds longer XD
  • Avatar for yourZAHH
    -dancedance- <(^____^)^
  • Avatar for linkntinks
    Ican....NoT..... hElp....... MySElf.......... IcAn.... Not..... sTop...... MySElF!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ruinedtwo
    Reznor is God :)
  • Avatar for jcsept7
    f*ckn awesome :-)
  • Avatar for DarkPassengerr
    <3> thanks for this song Hannes!! [2]
  • Avatar for juansebastianpj
    gran single de un gran disco!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for null_vague
    i need your discipline, i need your help


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