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Locked Out From The Inside
Nine Black Alps

Locked Out From The Inside

Locked out from the Inside is the third studio album of the British band Nine Black Alps. The album is due to be released digitally with the purchase of tour tickets on 6th August 2009, and on compact disc on 5th October 2009 following the release of the single Buy Nothing. The album will be released on the band's own Lost House Records label.

The album was recorded in Bryn Derwen Studios, Wales with producer Dave Eringa, and was mastered by Ed Woods.

Track listing

1. “Vampire In The Sun
2. “Salt Water
3. “Every Photograph Steals Your Soul
4. “Cold Star
5. “Bay of Angels
6. “Porcupine
7. “Full Moon Summer
8. “Silence Kills
9. “Buy Nothing
10. “Along For The Ride
11. “Ghost In The City

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