• Toodalimit

    I love their remix version with J. Holiday Bed its so hot with their vocals!

    August 2007
  • somessy


    August 2007
  • yungfizzle07

    Take Ya Clothes off is baaaangin

    June 2007
  • carneval

    Move Ya Body & Runaway are surely her best joints ..

    May 2007
  • Mister_Tweak

    The first album didn't really catch my attention...except In a dream, Turnin' Me On and obviously Move Ya Body, best 2004 summer joint.

    May 2007
  • james93


    May 2007
  • ashanti_kelis

    clothes off is just tooooooooo goood!!!

    May 2007
  • -kufi-

    clothes off is real good! can't wait for the new album! any info about the release date?

    April 2007
  • gv0928

    can't wait for the next album. the first one was really good

    February 2007
  • Mjuzik_zg

    For all Nina Sky fans, this is brand new and it's too hot: Really Didn't Matter (Snippet)

    January 2007
  • UncleGropey

    They have more than one hit and they appear on other artist's songs too. Also I, like jeunesse, would hit it.

    December 2006
  • VeronicasFan

    haha they should be in the dictionary next to one hit wonder.

    December 2006
  • jeunesse_

    id hit it

    December 2006
  • Bayou16

    Move ur body is awesome!

    November 2006
  • borninthe90s

    brand929, They're working on a new album called, The Musical. They have single, like Sugar Daddy and Flippin That.

    August 2006
  • brand929

    What happend to them? Where'd they go???

    August 2006
  • hanghang562

    Man this girls are fine!! And they also very talented!!! But many people thik that Oye Mi Canto is theirs, when is actually N.O.R.E.'s!!! The first rapper to do a Reggaeton song!!! Check out N.O.R.E. and you gone see that N.O.R.E. is the shit!!

    August 2006
  • ordinarynslow

    someone give me this album!

    August 2006
  • michal_p_pl

    If you do not recognize the language, it doesn't mean, that it is Japanese! So stop tagging ev'rythin' as japanese!

    June 2006